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The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body

The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body Money cannot buy everything. You cannot buy health; it needs to be earned through healthy living and a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. The human body has an endless number of toxins and therefore we need to cleanse it or in better words, we need


Your Shadow is Watching You!

Parents, do you know that aside from your own shadow there’s another shadow copying you? Are you aware that there’s someone watching and following you every second of the day? This someone tries to do exactly what you do. Your other shadow is your child! So, be careful on everything cause your child may copy


Health and Wellness: Family Meals Matter

Do Family meals affect you and your children’s health health? Do you remember the last time you had a homemade meal with your family? Was it last night, last week or last month? For some families, eating together only happens when there are special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or Thanksgiving. Occasions like those allow family


Health & Wellness: How to Have a Good Sleep

One of the most important strategies for achieving good sleep is getting in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle—your circadian rhythm. On the off chance that you keep a customary sleep calendar, going to bed and getting up in the meantime every day, you will feel substantially more revived and invigorated than if you


Blossoming with Change

This week’s ezine rant(ish) could be equated with Canada’s own Rick Mercer. He always makes a good point – and that is my goal too. It begins with the quote above, which inspired this week’s article. I often wonder how bad it has to get before someone seeks another way of doing things. A new


Live an Extraordinary Life

Life is Beautiful We are taught to live and be a certain way from day one. Grow up and obey the rules. Don’t create a stir, stay inside the lines. Don’t stand out and please don’t be too much. Sound familiar? Life might even look like this: go through school with the expectation of good


Things You Can Do to Stick to Your New Years Resolution

No doubt you’ve made at least one new years resolution you didn’t stick to. Haven’t we all? This year can be different, though. Take a proactive approach to sticking with your resolution and you’ll be successful in your new year endeavor. Set Realistic Goals One of the quickest ways to set yourself up for failure

11-of-the-Best-Ways-to-Manage stress

11 of the Best Ways to Manage Stress

      – Managing Stress – The common theme in my wellness practice is stress. The stress of work, impending layoffs, the commute, children, relationships, grief, trying to eat well, finding time for one’s self and the list goes on.  Our schedules are simply too busy. Daily we are inundated with negative news stories and witness

Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

Learning to trust yourself and that deep inner knowing is an essential aspect of living your life with clarity. Following your heart and being truthful to that which is for your highest good can be challenging and fraught with indecision. Ideally, you want to live in alignment with your values; those aspects of life that

4 Pillars of Health

4 Pillars of Health: Know the Significant 4

4 Pillars of Health: Know the Significant 4 Optimal health involves nurturing all facets of your life. This includes your physical, mental and spiritual health. These components are woven into the fiber of your being and your well-being. Neglecting one causes problems in another. Conditions such as heart disease can trigger depression. Mental malaise can


Leading Your Life From the Inside Out

Leading Your Life From the Inside Out In 1984 I watched a movie that changed the course of my life. The movie was Ghandi. I sat transfixed for hours watching this amazing little man change a nation. Through his example of inner peace he inspired 30 million people to protest British rule for one full


Life Is Forever Changing

Today, I was reminded how short life really is!!  Life is Forever Changing! Life is something we all have the chance to live and show it what we can do!  When we are born into this earth we are of complete innocence and are forever learning and growing. It is a gift that we should

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