This week’s ezine rant(ish) could be equated with Canada’s own Rick Mercer. He always makes a good point – and that is my goal too.

It begins with the quote above, which inspired this week’s article. I often wonder how bad it has to get before someone seeks another way of doing things. A new way to manage their life, have fulfilling relationships, an awesome love life, balanced emotions, a successful career, wellness of mind body and spirit, and look after money for retirement.

We are experts at avoiding the obvious – at saying we will look at it later. There is always tomorrow right? What if there was no tomorrow? In my 14 years of working with people in a holistic wellness/coaching capacity, I see how devastating life can be w hen we don’t pay attention – when we don’t take a step in a new direction.

When someone is ill, they will do ANYTHING to get better. The latest stats are: even when someone has suffered a major crisis, is in the ICU and the doctor says with his/her high level of expertise: “You will die if you continue living this way” -only 1 in 9 will take the advice of a highly skilled doctor. ONLY 1 in 9 –Blossoming-with-change that’s insane. Those kinds of stats have inspired interest in why we resist change, even in the face of a death sentence.

Why don’t we listen to the doctor? Because we avoid change. And because change can feel very hard. We want to stay in the comfortable safe place that is easy. To go through change never begins in a comfortable state – it begins with feeling uneasy and it takes effort. It’s much easier to pick up fast food than stop at the store and pick up some nutritious food to cook at home right? We go f or easy, convenient, safe and comfortable.

For some people rock bottom is where they need to get to before the brick in the side of the head makes them wake up. You may think I am being extreme here…am I really? Be honest – what are you avoiding right now? People watch TV, sit on the computer, engage in social media for hours and avoid avoid avoid. Numb the pain – avoid what needs to shift at all costs. It becomes a way of life.

And sometimes even after we have made the changes needed, we go back one more time. “Heck, I’m feeling better – stopping for fast food won’t hurt. Not just this once.”  And then you eat it, feel awful, are doubled over with stomach cramps, feel foggy and irritable again and say…”Whoa…okay okay…I get it.” But you needed to know this. And that can be a good thing. You have proof of how far you have come in your wellness.

My question to you again is this? How bad does it have to get? How many years have you been saying you will look after a nagging ache or pain, balance your weight, get some exercise, detox your body, heal from the past, or work on life balance?

A habit is a choice we continue to repeat.
We can shift these habits by making new choices:
with a plan, consistency, over time, and with ease.

I know how to do this well. I can help. We work on clarity and focus, make a plan and stick to it. I am your accountability partner. You don’t do this alone. We come to the understanding of what, why, how, and when together. We get the clarity of what to change and then how to get there…and STAY there. I truly care about how well you are. I wish I could inspire everyone to stay on track, to be well and love his or her life. Let’s get you jumping out of bed every day loving your life.

Just as the quote above states…at some point it is too painful to stay stuck where we are. We need to allow the petals to unfold – to truly spread our wings and fly.

So when will I see you? I have been on the other side of wellness and get it. I know what it feels like to be depressed, anxious, angry and unwell. Please don’t put your wellness on the back burner anymore.

There really is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is today. Let the blossoming begin!
I wish you an abundant spring season filled with much love, passion and adventure. As always – I am here to support you in this life journey and love your feedback. See you soon!

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