Parents, do you know that aside from your own shadow there’s another shadow copying you? Are you aware that there’s someone watching and following you every second of the day? This someone tries to do exactly what you do. Your other shadow is your child! So, be careful on everything cause your child may copy it.

A child is a parent’s shadow. They see almost everything you do and he or she wants to do it too. Moms, if your toddler sees you put on makeup or wear that necklace, you will notice that they’ll try to do it too, with their imaginary makeup and necklace. If they see you shouting or laughing, they’ll shout or laugh the way you do. With that, if they see you eating healthy, they will eat healthy foods too. Parents, you are role models to your children. They like to do the exact same thing you do! So, if you want them to grow healthy, you gotta show them that you’re eating healthy too.

You, as parents, can be a big advocate of healthy eating. And like any normal person, you are not perfect and shouldn’t expect to be. You have to make sure that you do not only serve well-rounded meals to your children, but they should see you eating same thing you are serving them. If they see you mindlessly plowing through a bag of chips every day, they will grow up thinking that it is normal.  Or if you take them through McDonald’s drive-thru or any drive-thru on a regular basis, they will think that’s normal. You wouldn’t want them to think like that, right?

You need to be the eater you want your children to be. It is your job to be a good role model to your child.

Here are Healthy Living 4 You, we don’t just care about your health, we care about your family too.  So, be sure to you eat healthy.  We recommend eating 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.  Download your free alkaline foods chart today, by clicking here!

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