Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

Learning to trust yourself and that deep inner knowing is an essential aspect of living your life with clarity. Following your heart and being truthful to that which is for your highest good can be challenging and fraught with indecision. Ideally, you want to live in alignment with your values; those aspects of life that you feel are most important – the bottom line stuff.

Decisions regarding your career path and personal life all require attention every day. There is no avoiding it. How can you learn to access inner truth so the information and answers come more easily?

A busy mind is not helpful in accessing inner knowing and clarity. With literally millions of bits of information entering the mind every minute, we live in an environment seemingly in-congruent with the retrieval of anything specific; never mind a solid answer to a question. Allow the mind some reprieve and space between this cluttering array of thoughts.

One way is through beginning an easy meditation practice. We begin to retrain our monkey mind for peace and quiet. Not a quiet mind with no thoughts at all; simply a mind with fewer thoughts and space between each one.

Another way is going for a long walk when you need to reflect. I personally find getting away and being close to water and trees healing for me. Find a way that works for you. Ask yourself: when am I most relaxed and calm? After a good workout, a Yoga class or before retiring at night?

You can learn to know the correct answer has been uncovered by the way you feel, and by connecting with your emotional state. Check in with your body. Close your eyes and bring your awareness inside. Imagine what each option feels like when trying to make a decision. As you imagine each one in detail, pay attention to how the body is responding…is there tightness in your chest and stomach? Do you feel heavy or filled with dread? Or do you feel a sense of relief, lightness and joy? Making a decision that feels right is not always easy. It might be the hardest thing you have ever done. Know the big picture is not always clear at the time. The why may reveal itself to you much later.

Our inner knowing never gets us in hot water. Self-will can create confusion, anger and struggle.
If you find reading uplifting quotes, books and seeing uplifting images inspiring but then sink back into depression, lethargy or pessimism; chances are you have not truly connected with your inner knowing or wisdom (yet).

Inner wisdom is developed over time, and can be challenging to access and then follow. If you can truly turn your awareness inward, you can see and feel the truth in every decision. Learn to take time to employ this valuable way of making decisions and choices in your life. Learn to trust your inner knowing. Feel free to seek the wisdom of those you respect when needed, but ultimately you always carry the answer within you.

I wish you an abundant fall season filled with much love, passion and adventure. As always – I am here to support you in this life journey and always love your feedback. See you soon!

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