Today, I was reminded how short life really is!!  Life is Forever Changing!

Life is something we all have the chance to live and show it what we can do!  When we are born into this earth we are of complete innocence and are forever learning and growing. It is a gift that we should all not take lightly as it is really a short time we are here.  Everyone is given this opportunity, although some may have challenges it’s whether we see these challenges as a burden or a blessing which makes the difference.  Taking that burden and learning from it and helping the next person not have to have those burdens is what life is all about.  Learning from our mistakes is key because if we don’t make mistakes it means we are not growing as a person in this life.

From infants we are like sponges taking the world in through our eyes, ears and touch.  We crave to learn and to understand what this world is all about.  It’s about getting clarity on who you are and who you want to become.  Some people become great and some people fall into the trap of reliving bad moment or the past instead of being in the present and focusing on what we actually have.

As kids we are curious about everything.  We are forever asking questions, laughing, running, playing, watching and learning.  But for some reason I’ve noticed as we grow into adults, all of the above either slow down or we stop doing.  If we stop laughing, slow down our learning and quit playing with our friends, I believe this is what makes us grow old.

The world is a beautiful place from the green grass to the beautiful flowers, the blue skies to the raging thunderstorms.  If you think about this world there is nothing more precious.  The sun always comes up and the moon always rises.  The sounds of the birds, insects, winds, rains are all amazing things.  I believe God couldn’t have made this world more perfect, it is up to us to respect the world, your neighbour and your loved ones.

Each day is a gift!  If you woke up this morning that is something to be grateful for.  As humans we are the only species on this earth to be able to start our story over if need be.

So today and everyday after, try to live like a kid!  Don’t take life so seriously, be kind to others, make time for your family, share your knowledge, teach your kids respect, pick up some garbage, plant a tree, laugh, hug and kiss your spouse, kids and parents, take a walk, listen to the sounds of nature, and help a friend or a stranger.  Most of all be grateful for what you have whether that is big or small.  We only have one life on this earth, so make the best of it!

Life is Forever Changing! Today is the day you were worried about yesterday…was it worth it?

We can always earn more money, but we can never have more time, SO DON’T WASTE IT!

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