The Fuss About Coconuts

Who would have ever thought we would be using the same product to moisturize our skin and cook our food?  There are numerous health benefits in using coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut water in your daily life. I have happily incorporated coconut products by having a big jar in my kitchen and my bathroom.


Benefits of Infused Water

What are you drinking on these hot summer days? Let’s face it – the amount of water we need to consume to stay hydrated can get pretty boring.  You may resort to beverages that are less than healthy to change it up a bit.  It is easy to replace sugary sports drinks, caffeinated beverages and

alkaline salad

Recipe: A Simple pH-Balancing Alkaline Salad

When eating it is always important to be eating 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.  This helps keep your body alkaline!  Also, most alkaline foods are natural vegetables and are generally very healthy for the body.  Here’s a great recipe for an alkaline salad.

Food Is More than Fuel

Food Is More than Fuel

Until my early teens I spent a great deal of time on a farm in southern Manitoba where my Mother grew up. My grandparents were self-sufficient indeed: they raised their own cattle, pigs and chickens, and grew their own food.  They preserved, canned and placed items in the cold room for winter storage.  It was


Do You Believe Being Sick Is All In Your Head?

You have to admit there is a lot a doctor needs to know and most of the time their training doesn’t  cover peoples questions.  There is still so much to understand about the human body and things that were thought to be figured out correctly are actually found not to be years later.  More and


5 Things FIT People Do Differently Then UN-FIT People

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in shape without a lot of effort?  A lot of people envy those people who don’t seem to put on a pound and just keep that fit body.  What the unfit people don’t understand is that those people have built up habits over the years to allow to stay in such great shape.


Stress In America Today – The Top 7 Causes

If you don’t already know, stress can play a major role in your health!  Take someone with a stress free environment and put them in a stressful environment or situation and many things can change.

10 Top Ways to Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

10 Top Ways to Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

10 Top Ways to Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant Some women get pregnant effortlessly; others spend months or even years trying to conceive. Why? Experts concede it’s still largely a mystery. “We have hints—factors like when your mom went through menopause and how regular your cycles are—but they don’t tell us everything,” says Sarah


8 Spices and Herbs That Help With Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight or maintaining weight, it really does mostly come down to what is actually entering your mouth!  Is it all junk food, is it all healthy good or is a mixture of both?  Write down everything you eat for a week and I mean everything…be honest with yourself!  You will

Say No To Plastic Water Bottles

Bottled water is the Greatest Advertisement to Date!

Bottled water is the Greatest Advertisement to Date! Bottle Water is probably one of the most un-environmentally industries known to man kind. On an average week it is said that Americans consume around half a billion plastic water bottles. That’s enough plastic water bottles to circle the world 5 times! This has become an epidemic!

8 Ways Happy People Approach The World Differently Then Most

Happiness is the universal feeling we all strive to experience regularly.  Although, we can often times be an angry, moody, depressed bunch, can’t we? Science has proven happiness is indeed, a choice. But if you’re still struggling to make lemon juice when life hands you lemons, maybe you just need a little motivation.  Learn what happy people do!


12 Healthy Food Swaps That Can Change Your Life

If you were brought up in a family that ate fast food all the time, then you probably continued that bad habit.  If you were brought up in a family that ate super healthy…well chances are you are still continuing that.  The good news is that everything is our choice and if we choose to eat better we can do that instantly by making that choice.

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