Keep Your Family Safe With Caribbean Clear’s Space-Age Approach To Healthy Water

Chlorine is a common pool cleaning material because it can quickly kill off the scary things growing in your pool and it deters new growth of algae, bacteria, and germs. That sounds great until you realize that it’s also applying that germ-killing power to your body.

Most of today’s pool cleaning systems rely on heavy application of chlorine, and that excess could be harming you, your family, and anyone else who gets in the water.

People are like giant sponges, with our skin soaking up water and what’s in that water. But, it’s a lot more than just the normal itchy skin and burning eyes.

Understanding The Chlorine Threat

If you’re swimming in a lot of chlorine, that means you could be absorbing it at high rates. Even over a short amount of time, this exposure could do major harm. Part of that is because the hypochlorous acid component that does much of chlorine’s cleaning, and the fact that chlorinated pools slowly create chlorine gas.

We’ll let the CDC explain the biggest threat chlorine poses to your family: “No antidote exists for chlorine exposure.”

Chlorine gas stays close to the ground and spreads quickly. It has a pungent odor, is easily absorbed by our bodies, and can even enter your body through your eyes. Exposure risks include nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and permanent harm to eyes and lungs.

If you’re ever exposed to chlorine gas, the CDC recommends you wash your entire body and throw away whatever clothing you were wearing when the gas touched you.

That’s not comforting at all, and it’s a risk that other so-called “cleaning” systems are masking through false advertising and confusing names.

Don’t get fooled.

Salt Generators Only Hide The Danger

You’ve probably heard of salt generators being the latest trend — even though they’ve been around for decades — because people are worried about chlorine and salt seems like a safe alternative.

But that’s 100% false.

Salt systems for swimming pools still create chlorine. These pool cleaning systems use salt and water to generate chlorine gas and hydrogen gas through a system that is constantly using electricity. This chlorine gas operates exactly like chemical chlorine, but it’s a more significant health risk to your family because exposure to chlorine gas can be deadly.

Not only is chlorine gas itself extremely poisonous, but if water stops flowing through the system or it isn’t properly shut off when a pool is drained, the hydrogen gas it generates can become exposed to heat and electrical components that may ignite it — ignition of hydrogen gas is what caused the Hindenburg disaster.

Plus: Salt Alone Doesn’t Work

Think of salt generators this way: if salt water was all that was needed to keep your pool free from dangers like algae, how could algae ever grow in the salty ocean?

The ocean ecosystem depends on algae and related organisms, so it doesn’t make sense that something only using salt would be harmful to them.

Protect Yourself With Less Chlorine And More Safety

It’s time we choose a safe, natural alternative to harmful levels of chlorine in our pools.

To help people like you, who want to enjoy their pools and swim risk-free, we want to present the Caribbean Clear pool purification system.

It’s the safest way for you to keep your family safe, meet the minimum chlorine level required by Canada and US health agencies, and prevent even the most difficult kind of algae from growing in your pool.

You can expect a safe and happy time in the water for all while using as little chlorine as possible and generating significant savings on chlorine and algaecide costs compared to any other system on the market.

The Caribbean Clear is based on NASA’s water treatment systems, using copper and silver alloy electrodes with highly sophisticated monitors to generate copper and silver ions at a uniform rate, cleaning the pool and keeping it fresh.

It’s time for you to keep harm and danger away from your family.

Choose one of North America’s safest pool cleaning systems available for your home: The Caribbean Clear. Stop wasting time and money on expensive, less effective chemical controls.

Start protecting and start saving with a Caribbean Clear that’s right for you and your body. It’s the best investment you can make.

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