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7 Things You Can Do During a 30-Minute Detox

7 Things You Can Do During a 30-Minute Detox

7 Things You Can Do During a 30-Minute Detox Foot Bath

The world is hurtling at an unprecedented rate, and it seems like we never have enough time to take a breath and give ourselves a moment to relax. That leads to anxiety and stress that hinder our body’s natural ability to remove the toxins we encounter every day, creating a toxic spiral that won’t end.

That hurry and stress are a big part of why we initially created our foot detox machine and why it works great in just 30 minutes. We know you’ll need to get back to the hustle and bustle, but our goal was to give you half an hour of relaxation to help your body cleanse. We take the spa idea pretty seriously.

Now, we know there are some multi-taskers out there who might not feel right about giving themselves 30 minutes dedicated solely to the detox. So, we’ve created this list of 7 things that will help you take a more holistic approach to your wellness and health.

There’s no checking your email or Facebook, just a list of meaningful activities you can do to have a more positive, enjoyable experience.

Connect with a Friend or Family Member

Sitting down for a bit is the perfect time to connect with your favorite people or even an old friend with whom you’ve lost touch. A quick call just to tell them you were thinking of them and see how they are doing can brighten their day as well as yours. People are naturally social, and a 30-minute foot detox is quiet and pain-free, so there’s no distraction for you to speak with someone you love.

Start a New Book

Most people can read at least a chapter of a novel in 30 minutes, so bringing a book with you to your detox session is a great way to flex your mind and delve deep into a world free from outside troubles and distractions. You can lose yourself in fantasy or uncover the clues in the biggest heist of the century, while your body releases toxins in a natural, soothing way. We’ve heard that it’s such a relaxing experience some people find those 30 minutes the best way to read.

Enjoy Your Favorite Album

Remember those early days when everyone sat around and listened to the latest album over and over, not worrying about bills or soccer practice or whatever the latest website is that you must keep up with to be cool. Get back that relaxing feeling by giving some of your favorite albums your undivided attention.

Whether you’re reconnecting with smooth jazz, the storytelling in old country, the exciting rock of your youth, or reliving how protest songs made you feel, a detoxing foot bath helps create the perfect atmosphere to sit back and enjoy.

Craft or Try a Hobby

There’s a “Half Hour Theory” that says taking half an hour of your day and using it to learn something or practice a skill can help increase your intelligence and maintain the strength of your mind. We love this idea, especially when it’s paired with a positive hobby like crafting, playing an instrument, sewing, or journaling.

It’s the perfect blend of healing your body and your mind, and it’s a great habit you can share to help your family stay healthy too.

Try a Puzzle or Mind-Friendly Game

Smartphones threaten to overtake many of most enjoyable activities, especially games, but those screens don’t always create an enjoyable atmosphere, and they can tire out your eyes. We suggest sitting at a table or chair with a physical puzzle or mind game, like Sudoku or a crossword, that you enjoy. Touching the real pieces or book gives your body more interaction and helps to release endorphins, which strengthens the relief your body will feel as it detoxes.

Enjoy a Fun TV Show

“Fun” is the optimal word here. We’ve long heard that laughter is the best medicine and science definitely backs that up with numerous health benefits associated with feeling happy and having a good laugh. Sit in your favorite chair, get your ionic foot bath started, and then put on something you’ll love. The time and the stress of the day will just fly by.


Gurus of old have long said meditation is the best way to de-stress and make your body relaxed so that it can deal with toxins and other dangers in our environment. We know it’s true because of how we feel after a short meditation session, and even leading medical experts like the Mayo Clinic have evidence to say this is true too.

Taking 30 minutes to detox gives you a great opportunity to relax, breathe deep, and remove the day’s worries. Plus, our ionic detox foot bath can use your relaxation to maximize its ability to remove toxins and dangers from your body: https://healthierliving4you.com/product/ionic-detox-foot-bath-machine/

These are just a few things you can do to make your next detoxing session more enjoyable and maximize your body’s ability to release toxins and get back to a healthy normal life. Make the most of your next 30-minute break by pairing it with the 3-in-1 FIT Premium Ionic Foot Bath Detox, which removes all of those toxins and heavy metals that your body is holding onto but must release for a healthier you.

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