Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Detoxify or Die!  That’s what Sherry Rogers named one of her top selling books.  The title might be strong, but she has hit the nail right on the head with that title back in 2002.  People are still needing to be educated that detoxification needs to become apart of everyone’s health regime.

It’s proven that a body full of toxins is more likely to get sick, then someone that has low toxic levels.  The worst part is most people are oblivious to this, and they keep living their life the way they are and teaching their children all the wrong things to do as well!

We’re losing the battle with this generation, but it can be stopped!  It can be turned around!

Question for you…when was the last time you did a detox?

You need to clear out the toxins that have accumulated in your body to absorb nutrients. Once these toxins are eliminated, you will find it easier to boost your body’s energy. Doing a body detox may seem strange, but actually detoxing on a regular basis is best!

Some types of detoxification may seem to be difficult and some definitely are.  But no matter what detoxification type you decide to do is better than doing none at all.  

Some forms of body detoxification are;

  • Colon cleansing
  • Liver cleansing
  • Fasting
  • Juicing
  • Ionic Detoxification
  • Eating raw food
  • Chelation therapy

You need to detoxify your body and get rid off those toxins that have accumulated over the years in your body as too many toxins in the body can lead to many diseases.

Though your body is designed to naturally eliminate toxins, sometimes it battles to do that effectively. Actually, one of the body’s mechanisms against too many toxins is to store them in your fat cells. Yes, sometimes toxins are stored instead of eliminating them which means they will remain in your body and can lead to a serious disease if not properly eliminated.

Why Detoxify?

Your body can gain more energy and perform better when toxins are flushed out. This is possible if you start to detoxify. To start, you need to have the right mindset. You need to get yourself prepared and be committed with your goal. Yes, you need to keep in mind that you are detoxifying your body not for temporary benefits but for a lifetime.

You have to prepare your body for detox by first looking at your nutritional intake.  It is super important to be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that are alkalizing to the body.  Eliminating alcohol, processed foods, sugar and reducing your meat it is a great start.

The Next thing to do is look at your water intake.  How many glasses of pure, filtered, alkaline water are you drinking a day?  Most experts recommend you drink eight to twelve 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  

Most people do not meet that standard, as they are too busy drinking other substances, like coffee, tea, juice, soda pop and energy drinks.  These do not keep your body properly hydrated and do not flush your body of toxins, where water does.

Remember, detoxification may not seem so easy as you start it, but the results are worth it. Don’t focus on the inconvenience that you may experience for a short time. Instead, keep your eye focused on the long term rewards.

Detoxing your body can add an abundance of energy, it can help you lose weight, it improves your immune function, slows the aging process, gives you a vibrant glow to your skin, can help restore your body’s balance, and so much more!

If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to detox, you might want to consider using a detox foot bath. The truth is – you just can’t live a healthy, long happy life if you’re fighting a body full of toxins – and now it’s easier than ever to help restore your overworked body back to health!  Click here to learn more about the detox foot baths

Happy Detoxing!

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