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The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body

The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body Money cannot buy everything. You cannot buy health; it needs to be earned through healthy living and a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. The human body has an endless number of toxins and therefore we need to cleanse it or in better words, we need

Effective Kidney Flush Drinks – Recipes Included

Have you ever heard of kidney cleanse? Have you ever done it? Your kidneys are one of the most hardworking organs of your body. They help the body eliminate body waste through the urine. Kidneys also help in filtering blood before sending back to the heart. Yes, kidneys play an important role in your body.

Natural Way To Cleanse Your Colon – Juice Recipe Included

When was the last time you had colon cleansing? Was it for a medical procedure? Or, have you ever tried it? Often times, colon cleansing is done as preparation for medical procedures such as a colonoscopy. But, did you know that it’s a good way to flush out toxins from your body?  It’s a practice

Healthy Alkaline Breakfast Idea

Are you looking for some healthy breakfast ideas? Have you ever tried an alkaline breakfast? Have you ever wondered whether your diet is acidic or alkaline? Most of us do not even care whether our diet is acidic or alkaline. But, the fact is, that is something we need to care about. As you know,

Eat Your Breakfast The Healthy Way

What is your favourite breakfast meal? Is it healthy? Did you know that there are healthy breakfast meals which can actually help you detox your body? Often times, the word “detox”, tends to make people freak out and bring to mind scary-intense cleansing diet that will make them runaway.   From now on, let us break

Spend Holiday In A Healthy Way

Are you excited for the holidays? This is the season that most of us are waiting for. It is the time of the year where families, relatives and friends gather to catch up and share delicious foods on table. Have you thought of what food to prepare for your holiday reunion? Make this holiday season

Refreshing Way To Lose Weight – Citrus Aloe Detox Water

Refreshing Way To Lose Weight – Citrus Aloe Detox Water What would you say if we tell you that a complicated diet or the newest cardio science isn’t the most powerful way to lose weight but water? Yes, you have read it right. Water can rev your metabolism, help you lose extra pounds and maintain

Kidney Detox – An Effective & Simple Recipe

Have you tried kidney detox before? Your kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs which are located near the middle of your back. It is responsible for waste elimination from your body. Kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood, each day, to help remove about 2 quarts of excess water and waste products which normally

Summer Detox: Fruit Combos

It’s summer time! Is your body ready? Did your work out sessions work out the way you wanted them to? Trying a quick detox would be a big help to get your bikini body ready for this summer season. Combining and pairing fruits and vegetables with water can reap the benefits of these superfoods to

Water: Recipe for Detox

Simple Water Detox We have a famous saying that the simpler the better, right? So with this simple and quick way we will make water detox healthier for you. As a part of the plan it can help you detox your body a little each day. First thing in the morning, get a lemon and

Detox Basics – Right Plan

Now, you are at your next step towards your successful detox journey. If you have read the prior article “Detox Basics – Right Mindset“, we assume you already set yourself up with the proper motivation. In this article, we will move forward to the right plan you need to have to achieve that healthy and

Happy Fried Chicken Day!

Happy Fried Chicken Day! It’s National Fried Chicken Day! Here’s a great way to enjoy your fried chicken with a twist. This time, the chicken will be done on a barbeque. Yes, you have read it right! It’s BBQ Fried Chicken, it is possible and tastes amazing! Try it! You will never look at your

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