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Detox Basics – Right Mind Set

Have you experienced the great benefits of body detox? If you find the right plan for your diet, you will certainly have better health. And to have better health, you should start a detox diet plan to start your body cleansing. Some programs recommend strict fasting or depend on single nutritional sources, which may not


The Quality of Attention – Where’s your path leading you?

The Quality of Attention Einstein wisely shared his definition of insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” With the New Year upon us we begin to dream, wish and plan for a new way of doing things. We want to navigate our lives differently – to have a fresh


A Warning if You Hate Your Body

 Think You Can Get Away With It? A Warning if You Hate Your Body Are you trying to get ahead in life, working hard, working out, and eating right? If you’re doing it because you hate your body, you are playing a losing game. It won’t matter how often you work out, how much money

11-of-the-Best-Ways-to-Manage stress

11 of the Best Ways to Manage Stress

      – Managing Stress – The common theme in my wellness practice is stress. The stress of work, impending layoffs, the commute, children, relationships, grief, trying to eat well, finding time for one’s self and the list goes on.  Our schedules are simply too busy. Daily we are inundated with negative news stories and witness

7-Simple-Stretches-to-Melt-your Stress

7 Simple Stretches to Melt your Stress

As a yoga teacher, I guide my students into a lot of stretches. We also use muscular energy which helps to build strength and endurance. When I see my students release tension, it’s almost always during a deep stretch. Here are 7 stretches that will help you relax and reduce the tension that forms excessive

4 Pillars of Health: Know the Significant 4

4 Pillars of Health: Know the Significant 4 Optimal health involves nurturing all facets of your life. This includes your physical, mental and spiritual health. These components are woven into the fiber of your being and your well-being. Neglecting one causes problems in another. Conditions such as heart disease can trigger depression. Mental malaise can

fuel for your body

Fuel For Your Body

We need to eat less refined food!  You need fuel for your body! How sluggish and unwell do you have to feel before you listen to your body and change your eating habits? Refined food is usually in a box, a can or some kind of packaging. It is food that has been processed and


5 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Want To Be Fit!

5 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Want To Be Fit! Exercise is an important part of everyone’s life. It helps us relieve stress, make us feel good about ourselves. But since many women are now a busy mom, exercising is one of the many things which most moms have given up. And that is

Pool Water Safety

One of the best ways to keep cool in summer heat is to jump into a refreshing pool. Whether you have a pool, you go to a friends or you visit the neighborhood one, be sure to keep you and your family safe.  Water safety should be at the top of your list!  Learn some

How To Prevent Osteoprosis

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

What Causes Osteoporosis The bones of people with osteoporosis become thin and weak.  According to Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, osteoporosis is a “reduction in the quantity of bone or atrophy of skeletal tissue; an age-related disorder characterized by decreased bone mass and loss of normal skeletal microarchitecture, leading to increased susceptibility to fractures.” Osteoporosis is a

Fitness Tips

Fun Physical Fitness Tips For Physical Fitness Month!

You should try to say the title 3 times fast! So May is the month of physical fitness and while we always are wanting to be healthier and active, its always nice to have that reminder of why we should be getting fit and some fun fitness tips that will aid in the process. It’s

Why Does Working Out With A Friend Increase Weight Loss?

Many of us are really trying hard to lose our weight and to obtain a healthy and a sexy body. Of course this can be achieved through regular exercise and through the right choice of food. It is quite boring for someone who is going to a gym alone to have his body weight reduce.

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