Fuel For Your Body

fuel for your body

Fuel For Your Body

We need to eat less refined food!  You need fuel for your body! How sluggish and unwell do you have to feel before you listen to your body and change your eating habits? Refined food is usually in a box, a can or some kind of packaging. It is food that has been processed and has ingredients in it that keep it “fresh” on the shelves for a long time. This kind of food has no life force energy or generally no nutrient value whatsoever. Have you heard of the phrase – “shop in the 4 corners of a store, and avoid the middle?” That is because the refined foods are generally located in the aisles, and the fresh food that is alive and nutritious is located on the outside edges.

Read the labels on everything you buy. Eat less white sugar, less white flour and less junk food. 90% of all food purchased is processed, which contain additives, artificial flavours, colours and ingredients that are not going to push your health in the right direction. When reading the labels avoid palm oil, glucose, fructose, and corn syrup. These ingredients turn off the body’s natural ability to tell you when it is full. So, you keep on eating and eating. You know when you are full when you take a little pause and sigh. If you do not have that feeling, then you are eating too quickly.

You want to eat food that is as alive as possible – namely fruits, veggies and grains. This increases your own energy and vitality, giving you vibrant health. The more you eat “dead” food, the less energy you will have, and you will feel dull and sluggish. The body takes in the live energy of the food and processes many nutrients from it; the dead food simply creates more work for the body to digest and eliminate. What happens is that the digestive process takes the energy away from you and your activities and will negatively affect how you feel overall. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It is really about balance and being aware… think about your food choices when making your grocery list, when shopping, and when ordering at a restaurant – how best can you nourish that beautiful body? You wouldn’t put dirty old gasoline in your car – so why put unhealthy and potentially dangerous food in your body?

Processed and refined food was created for convenience, but in the long term it takes a toll on our bodies, our minds and our overall wellness. Think of how you feel when you eat a big fresh salad or fruit from the garden or a local producer… notice how it feels the next time you eat this. Then, take notice of how you feel when you eat a frozen pizza. No judgment here, simply take note and you just might begin to change your food choices. Right now we have an abundance of fresh food available locally – take advantage of it. This is the time of year our body craves lighter foods to keep us cool and because we tend to be more active.

•    Try to eat with the seasons. In the fall/ winter our body craves heavier foods to keep up warm; like stews and soups.

•    Please avoid fast food as much as you possibly can. It is loaded with saturated fats that clog your arteries, huge amounts of sodium and sugars that can send your blood pressure or blood sugar through the roof.

•    Never ever eat margarine – it is said that it is one molecule away from plastic. Your body does not know what to do with it. Butter is something your body knows how to metabolize and utilize. Butter is real and wow, does it taste good – and remember: everything in moderation.

•    Plan your meals so there is no mystery when it comes time to eat. Plan your meals for the next day the night before when you have more time.  Take something out of the freezer, write it down or make a short shopping list; be prepared. The morning can be rushed and cause too much pressure on you. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

•    Consume more fresh fruit, more veggies every single day. Buy good quality frozen supplies to have on hand so that you have reserves when you run out. Plan your meals on the weekend and shop for it all then. Wash and slice veggies and have them ready for lunches and snacks. Cook a big pot of something on Sunday, eat it on Monday and freeze the rest for the following week. This will lessen the frequency of grabbing something that is not as good for you. A few snacks to carry with you in case of emergency are almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, raisins, dried fruit and a good quality whey protein bar. They all travel well in a purse, briefcase or backpack.

Try these ideas for 28 days and your body will begin to crave healthy nutritious foods. Try it!
Wishing you an abundant September filled with much love and adventure. As always – I am here to support you in this life journey and always love your feedback. See you soon!

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