What Causes Osteoporosis

The bones of people with osteoporosis become thin and weak.  According to Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, osteoporosis is a “reduction in the quantity of bone or atrophy of skeletal tissue; an age-related disorder characterized by decreased bone mass and loss of normal skeletal microarchitecture, leading to increased susceptibility to fractures.”

Osteoporosis is a disease that is becoming more and more common.  The word “osteo” comes from the Greek osteon meaning “bone”, while “porosis” comes from the Greek poros meaning “hole, passage”.

Osteoporosis is sometimes referred to as the “silent theif” as bone loss or deterioration can occur without any symptoms causing bones to easily break.

After the age of about 30, there is a natural process called, bone thinning. You can not actually stop this completely, but it can be slowed down.  It can depend on your current and past health, diet, and exercise.  So it is best to take these into consideration today and help prevent osteoporosis from creeping up on you in the future.  Young women especially need to take this into consideration and start eating, exercising and consuming enough calcium and vitamin D each day.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

  1. Back Pain
  2. Disfigurement
  3. Joint pains
  4. Losing overall height
  5. Difficulty standing
  6. Difficulty sitting up straight

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis prevention is best to start at a young age.

1. Eat a nutritious diet that includes adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Both are needed for building healthy, strong bones. Vitamin D is vital for calcium absorption in bones and to improve muscle strength.  Be sure to eat lots of green vegetables!  If you feel you are not getting enough Calcium or Vitamin D, you make get these in a form of a supplement.

2. Regular exercise. Weight-bearing exercises, such as aerobics, climbing stairs, dancing, jogging, racquet sports, running, tai chi, walking, water aerobics, weight lifting and yoga will all keep your bones healthy.

3. Don’t smoke. Smoking puts you at a higher risk for osteoporosis and increases the rate of bone thinning after it starts.

How to Improve your Osteoporosis

Eat right, get enough Vitamin D and Calcium, drink lots of alkaline water, exercise and take care of your body!

A great way to build bone density is through the use of low vertical whole body vibrations (WBV).  Other than its influence on the muscles, WBV can also have a positive effect on bone mineral density. The vibrations cause compression and remodeling of the bone tissue Mechanostat, activating the osteoblasts (bone building cells), while reducing the activity of the osteoclasts (cells that break bone down).

Repeated stimulation of this system, combined with the increased pull on the bones by the muscles, will increase bone mineral density over time. It is also likely that the improved circulation and the related bone perfusion due to a better supply of nutrients, which are also more able to penetrate the bone tissue, are contributing factors

A study carried on 70 women (aged 58-74) has demonstrated that training 3 times a week on the WBV platform for 24 weeks significantly improved bone density, meaning rejuvenating bones!

In preventing falls and the bone fractures that they often result in, enhancing bone mineral density is not the only important issue. Increased muscle power, postural control and balance are also considerable factors.

Studies involving elderly subjects have shown that all of these issues can be improved using vertical whole body vibration.  One of the best vertical whole body vibration brands are DKN whole body vibration machines.  They have 4 different machines available from home use to professional use.  

Get the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes!

The DKN Vibration Trainer helps accelerate weight loss and achieve a more toned body. The appearance of cellulite is controlled, which leaves you with smoother and tighter skin. Other benefits include improved balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, increased energy levels, better mental focus, and improved sleeping habits.

DKN Vibration Trainers are widely used in homes, physical therapy, rehabilitation, gyms and professional sports. Without having a 30-minute workout and a 30-minute massage, you can achieve the same results in less than 15 minutes while standing still and watching TV!

Similar to a massage or workout, a whole body vibration exercise machine helps improve blood circulation and enhances lymphatic function. When the lymphatic system gets blocked, it fails to eliminate toxins that can cause depression, fatigue, and chronic health problems like joint and muscular pain.

Proper lymphatic drainage prevents the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body’s systems and increases the production of good hormones, including endorphins, serotonin, and collagen, and helps improve flexibility and range of motion. This reduces stress and physical pain while achieving a slimmer and tighter body.

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