We are excited to help you expand the HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing sessions ( formerly Ionic Detox Foot Bath Sessions) into a full-service client session.

Instead of the more passive 30-minute sessions that are often offered, we would like to see practitioners help their clients become more interactive with their treatments. This would include coaching the client through the mental and emotional detoxification that will encourage the client to be more involved with their own healing journey. There is still value in a quiet 30 minute detox and rebalance session. But we believe that a 60 minute session facilitated by someone who really understands mental and emotional release could help the client with the deeper layers of energy healing.

Program Overview

Below is an overview of the HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing Practitioner Certification Program.

This program has a comprehensive curriculum designed for individuals interested in becoming certified practitioners of the HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing System, a highly effective approach for revitalizing health and wellness.

The program is designed to help you round out and use your already established skills to better assist clients along their healing journey. Whether you are a fitness professional, therapist, holistic practitioner or someone passionate about supporting health and wellbeing, this program will provide you with an understanding of Cellular Energy Rebalancing to help you work more effectively with your clients.


Program Requirements

The program can be taken through the online course material and is supported by instructor emails, and periodic live Q&A webinars with the instructor.

The course work is required and includes suggested reading material that will help bring the concepts to life.

The programs requires that you own and are familiar with the HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing System and have used it yourself.

There is a practicum requirement to ensure that you have a hands on experience before becoming Certified.

The program is $497.00 and you work away at your own pace with unlimited email access to the instructor.


Completion of the program requires that you understand the following topics:
  • The human energy field and how it is influenced by thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
  • Understanding how to influence the chakras and layers of the aura.
  • The HyperBath is a form of hydrotherapy, so understanding how water is used for healing is beneficial for enhanced results.
  • Understanding how the cells are detoxified and recharged.
  • Why people don’t heal and the powers of the mind.
  • The placebo and nocebo effect.
  • How the practitioner affects the healing experience.
  • The affect of cellular memories and how to release them.
  • Coaching your client through their healing journey.
  • How to be an effective practitioner.
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