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Distributor Testimonials

“Since I have had the Hyperbath Pro it has increased my over-all business by 300% and I paid for my machine in the first month. It’s an amazing addition to my business!”

– Janelle’s Aesthetics


I have had my Hyperbath Pro for about two months now. I have not even had to advertise it yet, seems business is just flowing in.
My clients are very happy with their results they are having with as little as a few sessions. I have had many people sign up for a 10 pack, which is wonderful for me, but terrific for those looking to detox their bodies, and bring overall wellness to their life.
Craig and his Dad John have been nothing but supportive and always there for you when you need a question answered, ( and trust me I ask ALOT of questions!)

I couldn’t say enough about them and their successful company! Great people to work with.
Blessing and health to all

– Colleen Crawford

@ www.chemical-free-living.com

“Myself and my patients seem to have more energy, better sleep, less pain, along with a heightened sense of wellness since using the Hyperbath Pro.”

– Dr. Mark Jagger

Chiropractic and Natural Health Centre, Ontario

“With over 200 diabetic patients and 800 Hyperbath Pro System sessions, the Hyperbath Pro System has proven to be a valuable therapeutic tool in decreasing overall glucose levels.”

– Roberto DeFilippis B.App.SC.,D.Ch. Chiropodist/Foot Specialist

Vellore Village Medical Center, Woodbridge, Ontario

“I am a personal trainer and wellness coach in Kitchener and surrounding areas. I help people to improve their health in a variety of ways. I purchased the Hyperbath Pro a year ago, and have enjoyed sharing the many benefits of detoxifying the body periodically for others…as well as for myself and my family.

Just this past February I was struck with some malady that had me not only housebound, but stuck on the couch with a fever and severe aches. By the second day my fever had broken, but I was having terrible issues breathing…it was laboured and painful, and I couldn’t carry on a conversation at all as I was so very winded. I am not too sure what it was that I had…but I decided to perform a detox footbath session for myself before giving the doctor a call. I was absolutely stunned…and so was my family…when after the treatment…my pain was GONE, and I could actually breath with great ease!! Sounds too incredible to be true…but the Hyperbath Pro system actually pulled that which needed to come out of me…and my health returned back to normal, without further complication!!”

Thanks HL4Y, in great health,

– Ronda

Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Kitchener, ON

“Being one of the very 1st purchasers of the original HL4Y 3in1 FIT Detox System- I have experienced both clinically and personally the benefits of using such an incredible modality for detoxification. Not only do clients love the ease and application of this technique but also, they continually see the value and feel the benefit of regular ion detox. I am always referring both students as well as colleagues to your fabulous company for purchase of holistic based products. Thank you and please continue to share HEALTH as it is our greatest asset!”

– Jennifer Papaconstantinou
H.E.A.L. Naturally Holistic Health


“I have been using the HL4Y detox footbath personally as well as in my business for 5 years. It’s a really great quality, high-end product, and I have recommended for many people to buy one of their own for continued use. I use it regularly on myself and my family, as well as my clients, and I am very pleased with the results. It is a much better machine than a lot of others on the market, and the water speaks for itself! Would love to have another one of these in my practice! Let’s bring HL4Y machines to the world!”

– Angela J Brown-Rasheed
Anuyu Health & Wellness Center


“I have had the detox footbath @ The Living Room Health Studio for a few years now and I am still in awe at how such a simple thing can help so many! It truly amazes me the comments, testimonials etc that I get from various customers! Of course there has been skepticism, as there is with anything really, but once they try the system and witness it for themselves, it provides for loyal clients! I hesitated when making the decision to purchase this machine, as it was a big investment for my newly starting out business, but with in a month I think it was I had it paid off and in a small town (1500ppl)…I’d say we made the right decision! Thank you for providing a great product that allows me to help others through what you provide to us!”

– Christa Lovas
The Living Room Health Studio


‘I have a story to share of an 84 year old gentleman who lives next door. I recently re-started up my business and he asked me if I could help him so I inquired of what was the problem. She said he had gout or a spur or something in his heel that would not allow him to step down because of the pain and he was limping. I suggested that it was worth a try and couldn’t hurt so he came the next day for his session. All it took was one session and he has been perfect since and walks around like a new man. I know it sounds hard to believe but it is true as I see him every day; now I have 10 clients from his family line as he was so excited he carried the flyer around in his pocket and hawled it out to show everyone and they keep coming, and all are experiencing degrees of better health. One member suffered charley horses nightly for years and slept or tried to sleep with ice packs wrapped around his legs; from the first session on, (he has had 6) there is no more pain and a full nights sleep. He said that you can’t put a price on that and will continue to come as it has saved his sanity. I encourage everyone to take a series of 14 sessions at least, and at best,. to purchase a machine for yourself and your family…..Health is Wealth.”

– Joyce Jackart

Upper Port La Tour, Nova Scotia

“I purchased my first 3-in-1 Fit Premium Detox Foot Bath about 3 years ago for my spa & have just recently purchase another for my new business here in Alberta. To be quite frank, I don’t think I can live without this machine & my clients love it too. Over the years I have had clients find results from using the foot bath such as: – increased sleeping length & sleeping patterns (I specifically had one client in particular that has spent his entire adult life only sleeping 2 hours at a time, months later he expressed to me that for the first time in his life he’s been sleeping as much as 5.5 hours) – an acute ankle sprain bruising/swelling decreased by over half within 30 minutes of one session – increased energy & clarity of mind – improved recovery from partying – decreased pain &decreased water retention & bloating For myself specifically, between completing the Detox Program &/or receiving a foot bath session 1-4x/month I have experience GREAT results: – improved skin quality: my breakouts are minimal or non-existent & my skin elasticity is prime – zero water retention: without my sessions I struggle with water retention in both my feet & hands & abdominal bloating – increased energy & clarity: being self-employed has it’s struggles including keeping myself sharp & maintaining a regular workout routine, my detoxes better enable me to keep up at the gym & at kickboxing without getting fatigued, making me less moody 😉 – increased digestion & absorption: i constantly struggle with food sensitivities & my most recent detox program has especially aided in increasing my metabolism, nutrient absorption & no have minimal stomach upsets – sleeping patterns: my brain is always on the go, since I received my machine a month ago my quality of sleep has improved drastically, with less tossing & turning & since I finished my detox program 2 days ago: I wake up feeling refreshed NOT more tired – and more: minimal PMS, lost 12lbs on detox program, better hydrated.”

– Christine Unruh
Christine’s Little Luxury Room
Fort McMurray


“I just love my 3 in 1 Detox system! I was skeptical when I first heard of detox from the feet. I went on line and did a lot of research. Two years worth to be exact! I purchased a system from an E-bay site and ended up returning it, because it just did not work! The seller informed me that my water had to much mineral content and that is why it didn’t work. I could understand this if I still lived in the country, but I have City water! After purchasing the 3 in 1 it was discovered that my water was too soft. So not only did the 3 in 1 help me with my health, it also saves me money with my water softener! My Ah Ha moment came the day I had a canker sore in my mouth. It was one of those annoying ones that made it hard to eat or talk! I decided to do a detox, just because I had the time, and for no other reason. Upon cleaning the machine, I realized my canker sore was gone!!! This proves to me that this machine is worth every penny and the results I get from my clients is amazing! Thank you Healthier Living for You for providing such a wonderful machine to help with health and wellness. I recommend it to all of my clients!”

– Annette Parker, Subtle Energies


“I purchased the 3 in 1 FIT detox foot bath around June along with Alkamates and the DKN vertical vibrations machine. I love all of them and recommend each unit to everyone. I use each of them regularly along with my clients at NVU Day Spa. Non believers become believers right away after using them. Everyone at hl4y are fantastic. They are all knowledgeable and helpful and have answered all my questions and concerns. I have noticed other companies who supply copycat equipment but it doesn’t even compare to the quality of hl4y products or the support they offer you.”

– Melanie Carr
NVU Day Spa


“Adding 3 in 1 FIT System to our Holistic Spa has really taken off and allowed us to purchase a second machine within 2 months to keep up with demand. Many clients, some with fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, and sleeping disorders are reporting remarkable improvements and are rapidly helping to grow my business by word of mouth advertising. It is a visible way of educating my clients on the proactive benefits of detoxification and it has opened many more minds to the benefits of other holistic treatments to help them on the path to wellness.”

– Marilyn Sorensen-Graham Dreamscape Spa


“I am always seeking the very best modalities to help assist with my clients well-being. My main objective is what do I offer clients so that they will continually be mindful of achieving and maintaining optimal health? One of the modalities that I came across my research was your 3 in 1 FIT System. After extensive research and using your system myself, I felt very confident about introducing it to clients.
Now, my clients and I know what great benefits the 3 in 1 FIT System, system has offered and continues to help with our health.
Thank you to the staff at HL4Y for always being there to answer questions and offering assistance in promoting my Ion Detox Therapy business whenever needed.”

– Antoniette De Simone
Holistic practitioner


“Thanks to the crew at HL4Y for the support and encouragement over the past few months. I opened a new business in the early spring of this year and by early summer I had connnected with Craig and John about the 3 in 1 System. I wanted to add the system to my list of services offered, but wanted to take a slow approach as my experiential knowledge was limited. Much to my pleasure, I am discovering, through my various clients, that results are being seen quicker than expected! I have a 6 year old client who is now nicknamed “Happy Feet”; a lady seeing rapid cleansing from a multitude of medications needed while recovering from a serious vehicle accident; myself as I manuvere through menopause; a young ranch couple that are making healthier choices after seeing the initial results of their “state of water”! I’m also pleased to say that I will be offering the 3 in 1 System to my equine clients….yes the four legged ones, when I proceed in the spring with my equine services. Thanks again for all you do!”

– Sherrine McConaghie, Body Fix Therapy


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