Healthier Living 4 You –How We Got Started!

The Healthier Living 4 You (HL4Y) Company was founded in 2004 with a mission to bring quality alternative healthcare equipment to individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers. John Jacobs launched HL4Y due to his family’s profound experience and success with alternative health solutions. Healthier Living 4 You is a family business. They live in a beautiful, small Canadian town named Wellesley, Ontario.

Bev has been the health crusader of their active family, constantly promoting the benefits of cleanses and detoxes for everyone, regardless of age! She continually promotes healthy eating habits with lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and homemade meals, while having quality Alkaline water systems for drinking water, and even for the swimming pool for the last 30+ years. A sparkling clear pool is possible with minimal chemicals!

John and Bev

Our Family

Despite every effort, Bev became very ill in 1995. She was lethargic with no energy, chronic fatigue, sore joints, and unexplained stomach pains. For the next FOUR YEARS, she was on a mission to find out what was wrong, travelling from doctor to doctor, trying everything to no avail. Finally, a functional medicine hair analysis revealed the problem. She was full of heavy metals, especially Mercury! The toxins built up inside her that caused her extreme health issues.

The Hyperbath Ionic System

Finally, she was introduced to the Hyperbath Ionic System which gently helped her to release toxins from her body. Without side effects, it expelled the yeast and heavy metals poisoning her. As her body gained strength, her amalgams (mercury fillings) were pulled, and she continued to drive the four-hour trip to continue her cleansing treatments twice a week! It was finally decided that the family would purchase a  for everyone to benefit from. Somewhat skeptical at first, John, a career mechanic, could not believe the toxins were released from his body and his newfound energy. “I thought I felt fine before and was relatively healthy – but now I felt fantastic! My energy soared after only a few sessions!!”

Our Journey

John knew this product had to be made available to everyone and that people could benefit so greatly and easily from this just as the Jacobs family had.  Their little Shiatsu dog Molly has also enjoyed the benefits! That is where the business began. All products are tried, tested, and, most importantly, consistently used by the entire family.

It was quite a journey for the Jacobs family, especially for Bev. They learned firsthand that it’s difficult to help others when you don’t have your health. It was a long struggle, but she restored herself to vibrant health.

Our Goal

The Jacobs Family’s Goal is to work to help others avoid having to go through what they did for many years of poor health, dwindling bank accounts due to trying to figure out what was wrong, and a lot of stress. They found answers that have helped thousands of people’s health issues. They are now sharing it with the world!

Responding to their customers’ needs, John and Craig designed and developed the HL4Y New Hyperbath Cellular Rebalancing System. The system is design with an optional Far Infrared Heat wrap, combined with the Ionic Cellular Rebalancing in the same machine – we provide 2 therapies in 1 to restore energy and treat pain more effectively.

The experience has brought about a revolutionary change for John, giving up an auto repair garage to concentrate on distributing established healthcare products. Success has spawned a series of additional products including the AlkaPitcher for instant alkaline water and the Caribbean Clear pool filtration products that use up to 80% fewer chemicals in a pool

The Jacobs family business is growing and expanding every day and has now become a place known for  alternative health education and to provide wellness products that work!

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