Business Opportunity

Provide your clients with a full Cellular Energy Rebalancing session.

Help to restore their physical, mental and emotional Wellbeing.

The HyperBath Pro is designed to create a complete re-balance of the Human Energy Field. Stimulating the body’s energy helps to improve health and overall well being.  The body’s cells will naturally function better when the electro-magnetic fields are charged. The HyperBath Pro creates ion charged microcurrents that work with your body’s energy system to create a relaxation response, opening and releasing toxic thoughts, emotions and physical debris that has accumulated in your cells and tissues.

Our Business Startup kit includes everything you need to start offering client sessions today:

  • HyperBath Pro Recharging System with Transformer/ Power Supply, Carrying Bag,
  • Far Infrared Heat Belt.
  • The supplies include enough for 160 client sessions: Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid, 8 Arrays and 4 Boxes of liners,
  • We also include an Alka Pitcher with 3 filters to provide clean alkalized drinking water for you and your clients. 
  • The business package is supported by a 5 year warranty, Instruction Manual, World-class Customer Service and 2 personal business coaching session with our Business Specialist to make sure you are set up for success.

Developing a holistic health business and helping to transform the lives of others can be an incredible experience. If you want to start up a business offering ionic cellular energy rebalancing sessions with our HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing System we would be happy to help you.

Order the HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing System today and get started. We offer 2 personal coaching sessions to make sure you are set up to succeed in this business. We also include our educational course on the product and using it as a business for you to refer to.

For More information contact our Sales and Customer Support Manager: Wena McLelland

Get Certified! New, HyperBath Pro Cellular Energy Rebalancing Practitioner Certification.

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