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Detox Basics – Right Plan

Now, you are at your next step towards your successful detox journey. If you have read the prior article “Detox Basics – Right Mindset“, we assume you already set yourself up with the proper motivation. In this article, we will move forward to the right plan you need to have to achieve that healthy and

Detox Drink: Daily Enjoyment & Cleansing

Whether you’re just trying to steer clear of the sugary drinks, or aim to really help your body flush out any toxins lurking in your system, this refreshing blend of foods and flavors will satisfy your tastebuds need. The recipe below will surely help you detox your body.   What’s included: Watermelon/cucumber, lemon/lime, mint leaves,

Fruit juice

7 Foods That Are Great For Natural Weight Loss

I healed my body naturally from chronic disease, and in the process lost over 60 pounds, without drugs, deprivation or surgery. Along the way, I discovered that some foods are healing and have the ability to promote health within our bodies, while others can actually cause harm and create weight gain. Here are some of


The Quality of Attention – Where’s your path leading you?

The Quality of Attention Einstein wisely shared his definition of insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” With the New Year upon us we begin to dream, wish and plan for a new way of doing things. We want to navigate our lives differently – to have a fresh


The link between Weight Loss and Detoxification

Weight loss and detoxification are very common terms in today’s society. We’ve all heard about literally dozens of diets and products designed to help people lose weight. Weight loss is on so many people’s minds that it is usually assumed that people would like to lose weight. Detoxification is a newer term that has been

Organic Peppers

7 Splendid Health Reasons to Buy Organic Today

7 Splendid Health Reasons to Buy Organic Today By Lynda Goldman Do you think “organic” is just a code word for expensive, or that organic food is only for the elite? Do you wonder if buying organic is really worth the price? You may have read the widely publicized Stanford University study last year that

fuel for your body

Fuel For Your Body

We need to eat less refined food!  You need fuel for your body! How sluggish and unwell do you have to feel before you listen to your body and change your eating habits? Refined food is usually in a box, a can or some kind of packaging. It is food that has been processed and


5 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Want To Be Fit!

5 Simple Tips for Busy Moms Who Want To Be Fit! Exercise is an important part of everyone’s life. It helps us relieve stress, make us feel good about ourselves. But since many women are now a busy mom, exercising is one of the many things which most moms have given up. And that is

An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

We’ve all heard the saying, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” only a cliché? If we are to base on facts, that statement is not just an ordinary saying but something that has an origin. Apples provide multiple nutrients and compounds that help promote good health and weight management. One apple counts as

Crack the unheard wonders: Exotic Superfruits

Everybody knows the health benefits a daily dose of fruits and vegetables brings to your diet, but rarely do customers pick up the oddly shaped or tough-shelled fruits in the grocery store. If you want to add a little punch to your palate and diet plan, try these unheard wonder fruits that include essential nutrients


Does Stress Make You Gain Weight?

Everyone knows that the most influential factors on your weight are the foods you eat and how much exercise you get.  However, many people also believe that high stress levels can dramatically affect your weight. Does stress make you gain weight? And how can you eliminate tension in your life? How are Stress and Weight

A Few Easy Snacks That Increase Weight Loss

The state of being overweight brings with it a lot of increased risk for numerous other diseases. Weight loss can lead to a huge improvement in health status and self-awareness. Weight loss can help reduce many health risks associated with obesity. Risks high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Stroke, coronary heart disease and these are just

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