The link between Weight Loss and Detoxification


The link between Weight Loss and Detoxification

Weight loss and detoxification are very common terms in today’s society. We’ve all heard about literally dozens of diets and products designed to help people lose weight. Weight loss is on so many people’s minds that it is usually assumed that people would like to lose weight. Detoxification is a newer term that has been showing up in our lives. When we think of a detox, we think of flushing all of the “junk” out of our systems. Both weight loss and detoxification are terms that are often misunderstood, but what is more confusing for people is the essential link between them.

Many weight loss products insure that you will lose X amount of weight within a certain amount of time. But with weight loss it’s important to lose the right type of weight. You could shave your head and lose a few ounces, or have the flu and lose 10 pounds. But is this really the type of weight we want to lose? Probably not. It’s fat that we want to lose. This is where the guarantees of weight loss products often fall short. Many weight loss products are really water loss products, or diuretics. They encourage the body to expel more water than normal. This gives the illusion of weight loss, but really once the person re-hydrates, the weight will be back.

Similar to the assurances of weight loss products, detoxification plans and products have a wide range of claims. Many claim to flush the body of “all toxins” in a very short length of time. True detoxification can only take place when the liver has been strengthened and made to be healthy though. It’s the liver that cleanses the blood of the toxins. A good detox program will involve stirring up the previously hidden toxins that have accumulated all over the body and the liver cleansing these out of the blood. This is why when you are going through a detox that actually is working, you could feel poorly for the first few days, if not a week or more. Not something to look forward to, but it is necessary as part of the “healing crisis” of the detox.

So we have taken a brief look at the real type of weight loss that we want -fat loss- and we have also seen what a real detox consist of – strengthening the liver to cleanse the blood and stirring up those toxins into the bloodstream. We can now look at the link between them.

Here is a strong statement that people need to understand: true and lasting weight loss involving losing fat mass cannot occur without a proper detoxification process. This isn’t something that’s commonly known, but it’s something that is integral in the healthy weight loss process for everyone.

In order for that fat to be lost, the body must properly break down the fat molecules to reduce the mass. When people have too much toxins in themselves, the body will often not only fail to break down these molecules, but will actually create more so that the extra mass dilutes the toxicity level in the person. Quite simply, the more of you there is, the more the toxicity is diluted.

Healthy weight loss does not involve simply taking products that cause water loss or starving yourself. It involves a healthy liver, regular exercise, a proper detox and the appropriate secreting of bile acid in order to actually break down the fat, which is of course what we really want to lose.

This is why you should avoid weight loss products that do not speak about detoxification, and detoxification products and programs that do not strengthen the liver, or ones that will not actually achieve removal of toxins.

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