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Alkaline Water And The Facts

Water is part of human basic needs. No living thing can survive without it. It is required to attain good health and survival, including for the protection and preservation of mother earth. But, according to surveys, 4 out of 10 people worldwide do not even have access to water and around 2 out of 10

Staying Trim During The Holidays

Tips on Staying Trim With the holidays approaching, everyone always wonders how they can enjoy the food and not gain “too” much weight. Let’s get down to some basics that can help to keep the extra weight off during this holiday season. Tip #1 – Choose A Smaller Plate Yep, the first one is that


Healthy Snack Foods

When you are starting your healthy life journey and you are looking for things to snack on, its best to choose fresh foods to help you through especially if you are adding any sort of detox too. Here are some healthy snack options for you that will also leave your body refreshed. Celery – it’s


5 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

5 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity September 1, 2011, President Barack Obama declared September as Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Childhood obesity is a national problem.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 17 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 19 years of age are obese.   Since 1980, obesity among children and

Getting To Know The Baby Food Diet

Getting To Know The Baby Food Diet

Getting To Know The Baby Food Diet Do you want to loose weight but are tired of doing the same old technique? Would you like to try the baby food diet for a change? The baby food diet is an eating lifestyle that is currently gaining popularity, what with celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl

Top 5 Breakfast Foods for Faster Weight-Loss

Top 5 Breakfast Foods for Faster Weight-Loss

Top 5 Breakfast Foods for Faster Weight-Loss Too many dieters focus on simply dropping calories and fat to zero, and keeping their daily intake minimal until they reach their diet goal. But those people aren’t really paying attention to the fact that they need sufficient calories, including from carbohydrates and fat, to help keep their


Fit or Fitless?

Stretch, run, jump, pull, push, squat; Is this what we call exercise or hard work? Fit or Fitless? My opinion, is that it depends on the individual, and their dedication to getting out of the shape they’re in and into a body or a health they dream of. Everyone dreams or has goals in life

5 Fit Foods to Eat Instead of Fat Foods

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk for developing obesity and disease, according to studies from the Center for Disease Control. However, most people are not eating enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains–or what some would term “fit foods”–each day. Rather, the average diet consists mostly of fast, packaged, convenience foods; which are high in


Low Carb Diet is Not Always Boring

Low carb dieting… is one of the perfect ways to implement which can help you decrease your body fat in a lot less time. There are many people who just hate to follow the low carb dieting because they think that it may be very boring and they have to eat those undelicious and boring


Weight Loss Tips for College Students

Weight Loss Tips for College Students It is little wonder college students frequently gain weight while pursuing their higher education. When money is tight, eating healthy and exercising seems difficult. Healthy food can be expensive, and after tuition, books and room and board are paid for, there is little money left over for a gym

Diet and Exercise Plans

Diet and Exercise Plans to Perfect Health

Diet and Exercise Plans to Perfect Health Many people approach the way to better health usually in one way that they’re comfortable with. I’m sure you’ve had friends say they’re either on a diet or an exercise plan but rarely both. Using one or the other does help in improving your health but experts would


Stress Reduction: Non-Negotiable for Any Positive Life Change

Stress Reduction: Non-Negotiable for Any Positive Life Change There are myriad changes we often want to make in life. We want to lose weight. Be happier. Eat a healthier diet. Change our general life direction. We should always strive to be living our best life and most of us need to tweak some things to

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