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Fit or Fitless?


Fit or Fitless?

Stretch, run, jump, pull, push, squat; Is this what we call exercise or hard work?

Fit or Fitless? My opinion, is that it depends on the individual, and their dedication to getting out of the shape they’re in and into a body or a health they dream of. Everyone dreams or has goals in life such as wealth, a nice car, home, and good health. So now the only thing to do is put those dreams and goals into effect.

We must find some way to make these dreams come true. Remember in school when the teacher always asked us to make a list of “short term and long term goals”?  Well now we are all grown up now, but the rules still apply to making our dreams and goals come true and the steps we have to execute to get there.

If you want results, you have to come up with a game plan. I find working out to be a “job” sometimes so I have to organize my work and other priorities around my fitness. Think if you could somehow combine your work with your fitness. For instance if your job requires a lot of routine bending, walking, reaching for things, try to take full advantage of that system.

Exercise is exercise whether it’s at the gym or other areas. Take steps to make a difference with your body anyway possible. Of course there are some things that you can’t do at work but look at this as a stepping stone for a great road to fitness.

Traditionally, we all see that sweaty man or woman in the gym making weird faces while they are struggling to get in that last set or rep to end their work out. So depending on your determination, life style, and principles you have set in your mind determines your struggle.

A plan I always incorporate into my daily routine, is try to at least do an exercise of ten every morning whether it is squating, benching, arms, etc. This is my way of keeping motivated to stay in shape. We all know that our body on the outside can only look as good as our insides. With that being said after I follow my routine I enjoy fruits, proteins and plenty of water to stay hydrated and maintain good muscle growth, and clear skin.

Maybe my routine is not up your alley or not feasible in your own daily regimen, but this is why you must assert different techniques that apply to your lifestyle. If it takes starting at home with just a single 10 lb weight, rope or simple jumping jacks, until you can build your way up to more advanced or longer sets of exercises then so be it.

So in conclusion we can only drive if we are behind the “will”. So motivated work outs and fitness requires some degree of will power and discipline that drives us to become better inside and out. Find a love and feeling for what you do if that is what “fits” you.

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