Healthy Snack Foods


Healthy Snack Foods

When you are starting your healthy life journey and you are looking for things to snack on, its best to choose fresh foods to help you through especially if you are adding any sort of detox too.

Here are some healthy snack options for you that will also leave your body refreshed.

  • Celery – it’s a great food and you can add a little natural peanut butter or hummus too.
  • Apples – I love apples, especially the yummy crunchy ones.  You can even add a little cinnamon to the apples or a little almond butter to add some extra delicious flavoring
  • Seaweed wraps – They are supposed to good. I have yet to try them, I’ll have to put the name aside and give it a try.
  • Raw Trail Mix – This is good with raw nuts, seeds, etc.  I love adding sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds with cashews. Oh, you can’t forget the dried fruit too.
  • Any dried fruit plain would be a good snack food too.  Its healthy and they give you good nutrients.
  • Fruits – Some fruits are pretty good.  I love oranges and kiwis. You could also have pears or bananas.  With bananas you can add a little almond butter to them too.
  • Eggs – These are good for you too. They are great for your eyes and contain all 9 of the essential amino acids.
  • Cabbage – It’s not necessarily a snack food, but it is an amazing liver cleansing food and a great detox food.  If you add a little crushed red peppers, its so tasty.

These are just a few snacks you can eat that are healthy and helps to cleanse your body.  If you’re looking to cleanse your mind too, check out our blog on cleansing your mind.  It can help to give you clarity.

Other things that could help are green tea, lemon water and of course just plain ol’ Alkaline water. This is a good list to get started, but I would love to hear some ideas of great healthy snacks that you eat.

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