Tips on Staying Trim

With the holidays approaching, everyone always wonders how they can enjoy the food and not gain “too” much weight. Let’s get down to some basics that can help to keep the extra weight off during this holiday season.

Staying Trim

Tip #1 – Choose A Smaller Plate

Yep, the first one is that obvious.  If you choose a smaller plate you will eat less.  I’m one that goes back for seconds so having a smaller plate for the seconds helps too.

Tip #2 – Drink Water

Water is good for you.  In order to lose weight and stay healthy you need half your body weight in ounces of water.  So just think about if you have one to two cups before you eat.  That would help to fill you up faster.

Tip #3 – Snack on Veggies

While cooking, we lay out veggies to snack on so by the time the “good” stuff comes out we aren’t so hungry that we ant to eat a whole turkey or ham.  This also helps with getting your veggie servings in too.

Tip #4 Enjoy

Sometimes we get so focused on cutting calories, being healthy or just over thinking that we forget to have a good time. This time of year is about family, love and happiness. So if you do have a little extra or if you go off the course a little bit, don’t beat yourself up over it.   Enjoy the food, family and love that this time of year brings!

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