Weight Loss Tips for College Students


Weight Loss Tips for College Students

Weight Loss Tips for College Students

It is little wonder college students frequently gain weight while pursuing their higher education. When money is tight, eating healthy and exercising seems difficult. Healthy food can be expensive, and after tuition, books and room and board are paid for, there is little money left over for a gym membership. The good news is losing weight in a healthy manner does not require a lot of money.

Weight Loss Tips – Inexpensive ways to exercise

While there’s no doubt joining a gym is a good way to exercise and lose weight, it is an expensive option. There are plenty of ways a college student can add exercise to their day without spending a lot of money.

  • Avoid driving – Walk or bike to class or other destination spots whenever possible. Students who are forced to commute can still park in lots that are further away from class buildings and walk. The weight of books and supplies in a backpack will serve to add resistance.
  • Play sports – Most colleges have basketball or tennis courts available for students. There will also probably be grassy areas where touch football games can be played. Get some friends together to play some pickup games. Consider joining an intramural sports league to compete against other students.
  • Use school facilities – In addition to sports courts, many universities will also have a recreation center that will have much of the equipment that would be found in a gym, and admission is usually free or reduced for students. Jog or walk around the campus or on a track. Run up and down the steps of a stadium, or the little-used stairwell in the dorm.

Weight Loss Tips – Inexpensive eating ideas

It may seem cheaper and easier to eat fast food rather cook a healthy meal at home, whether that is an apartment or a dorm, but eating right can be done inexpensively.

  • Shop right – Pay attention to weekly sales at the local grocery stores. During certain seasons, find out where and when a farmer’s market operates. Produce sold there is frequently less expensive than at a grocery store. Purchase ingredients that can serve a dual purpose when needed. Avoid shopping when hungry. Make a list and stick to it.
  • Prepare to cook – Plan meals out for a week. The schedule may not be followed every time, but having meals planned out can make shopping easier, relieve stress about what will be for dinner after a hard day studying and allow students to think about whether their choices are healthy. All this will make it less enticing to eat meals out or a fast food sack.
  • Make more – When cooking meals, make more than is necessary for that meal. Set a portion or two aside for lunches, or freeze them to be used for a supper on a hectic night.

Losing weight is never easy, but it can seem almost impossible for those on a limited budget. With proper planning and a little creativity, college students can lose weight in a healthy manner.

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