Congruence with your values is key!

Are there people in your life that seem to always know what they want? Those people that we see as blessed or view as being born under a lucky star? Someone who makes choices and decisions easily in life?

I have often attributed that to being highly intuitive – which is definitely part of it. But there is another key piece to this puzzle of life. And that is – living in congruence with your values.

Living With CongruenceI view people living congruent with their values as those who are passionate, always excited, happy, have a positive attitude and are not afraid of making mistakes. They have integrity, boundaries, can say no, and confront their fears.

I feel that I can trust them. Do you know people like that? We are naturally drawn to them! We seek what we might call congruence in our friendships, our partners, our teachers, our employers and/or our employees.

To live congruent with our values we need to first be aware of what our values are. Secondly, reminding ourselves of our dreams? Have we paused long enough in our busy lives to simply sit down and reflect on these two questions?

It can be an exciting task to undertake. We often let go of our early dreams in life which can quickly get replaced by the daily responsibilities of work, family etc.

We set them aside until later – but when is later? We wait until our holidays, our next paycheck, retirement, or when we are thinner – to re-explore our dreams. We are often waiting to realize those long lost dreams that lurk there in the depths of our heart and soul. We are living somewhere in the future instead of the present. We owe it to ourselves to live fully now.

So how do we do this? Here are two simple ways to begin:

1.    Sit down and write down five – seven of the most important qualities or areas of your life that make it life feel rich and full, that make your heart sing, the aspects to your life that are of key importance; your bottom line…These are your values!

2.    Write down your wish list or bucket list. What are your dreams, goals, aspirations?

Make the exercise simple. Sit down with pen and paper and brainstorm without thinking too much or judging what you write.  Let the thoughts, feelings and ideas flow (no one will see this but you).

What are those items that have been on your New Year’s Resolution list over and over again? What are the unkept promises you have made to yourself?

Some examples of values might be: wellness (exercising, eating well etc), time alone, spiritual growth, time with family, a rich social life, honesty, integrity, study, travel, an exciting career, etc.

Please try not to feel overwhelmed with this exercise. Move your awareness into your heart and allow yourself to get excited…feel it in your body; allow yourself to taste, touch, feel and smell your ideal life.

Living With CongruenceThis is one of the first steps to manifesting living a life congruent with your values. Being in alignment with our truth creates our ideal life. Know our values will assist us in living it.

Next we take small steps in the direction of this truth. Pick one of your values and focus on that first. Take your time to let things settle in to your life before moving to the next area.

When you know what your values are, it is much easier to make choices and decisions and begin to move more purposefully in the direction of your dreams. You may even find your lists change, your dreams and priorities shift as you begin to move in this direction.

One thing at a time moving in the direction of your lists (dreams.) As my mentor Tana would say: “We are in this for the long term.” We can do all of this over time and with much ease.

When we know what our values are we can live more congruently. You ARE worth it.

If this article whets your appetite, there is more!  I have an amazing 10 week Journey to Authentic series of workshops that will inspire you. These workshops are hosted in my sacred space, online or one-on one. They can be completed in a series or one at a time. And I am here to help you figure it out.

Wishing you an abundant summer filled with much love. As always – I am here to support you in this life journey and always love your feedback. See you soon!

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