As the new year is approaching, you start thinking about what your goals are going to be.  You’ll set your weight loss resolutions and other goals that you want to do. This happens every year for so many people.  Actually becoming fit and losing weight is in the top 10 New Year Resolutions every year, pretty interesting, huh?

Let’s talk about ways to be successful with your weight loss resolutions.  We all want to keep up our resolutions and somehow so many of us let them fall through the cracks and go back to old habits and ways.  Let’s look at some ways that will help us keep on track with our weight loss resolutions this year.

4 Ways To Stay On Track With Your Weight Loss Resolutions

  1. Post Reminders Everywhere – If it is staring you in your face wherever you go it will stick with you when you are going to reach for the fries and you know that you shouldn’t. I know that when I have reminders in front of me, I act better and it helps me to stay on track.  I believe this is one of the most important aspects of being consistent with your goals.  The reminder in your bathroom, on your kitchen, taped to the top of your stove, taped to the ceiling over your bed or anywhere that you want to put it, will help you.
  2. Getting Protein And Water – This is an obvious one but its almost important to remember the basics with weight loss.  Water is such a big deal for you because it helps to flush out your body and it helps to keep you full.  Protein helps your body feel fuller and lose weight faster.  Most people complain about always being hungry, protein and foods high in fiber help you with that.  We offer a great shake that honestly tastes like cake that you would enjoy.   You can learn more about our weight loss shake and how it can help keep you full and lose weight faster by going to our Weight Loss page.
  3. Set Small Achievable Goals – There are people who say that they want to lose 40lbs in a month and then get discouraged when they don’t reach it.  when you set a small achievable goals or milestones, it keeps you motivated. Losing 1-2lbs week is a good start and when you hit those milestones think about how accomplished you will feel.
  4. Reward Yourself – When you hit those milestones or do something you’re proud of, you should reward yourself because you deserve.  HOWEVER, it should not be with food.  You can do so many other things to push yourself forward and rewarding yourself with sweets or treats could just pull you backward.

Those are just a few things you can do to help with your weight loss resolutions.  You are on the right track and these 4 super simple steps will help you to stay consistent instead of wanting to give up on your weight loss or anything else.

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