Chlorine is used widely in our drinking water and pools!

Healthy Pool Water Treatment

Chlorine is popular because it handles three main jobs in keeping a swimming pool clean: It sanitizes (meaning it kills bacteria and germs). Chlorine oxidizes (controls organic debris from perspiration and body oils), and helps prevent algae growth… and it burns eyes, dries skin, and bleaches bathing suits.

I can’t stand chlorine!  It makes my eyes red, it makes my skin itchy and the smell is enough to make me fall over.  Many people have allergic reactions, blonds go green and bathing suits discolor!  And the worst part is it is a known carcinogen – meaning it has been linked to cancer!

Chlorine absorbs into your skin. Too much exposure to chlorine has been linked to major health problems including reproductive disorders and even birth defects.  It can cause your skin and hair to dry out and over time too much exposure can even cause wrinkles!

There is a study published in the November 2006 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.  This reported that there is a link between exposure to chlorinated water and an increased risk of bladder cancer.

According to researchers, ingestion of, and bathing, showering, and swimming in chlorinated water can all lead to increased incidence of cancer.

I wanted to briefly touch on Salt Systems, an alternative pool system because this is the new trend out there! Do you know what salt systems are…once you get past the marketing?

First we need to set the record straight.

This is not a new technology.  In the last couple years there has been a renewed surge in the promotion of these systems duplicating the sales tactics of 20 years ago.

These systems are actually miniaturized chlorine manufacturing plants: the same technology is utilized. The devices are plumbed in-line and work by electrolytically converting salt, in the pool water, into chlorine as it passes over specially coated titanium electrode plates.

Salt doesn’t keep water clear, if it did the ocean would be free of algae and bacteria and life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Salt is turned into chlorine by these systems. This generated chlorine is no different than the chlorine you are currently using… so how is that a chlorine alternative? It’s simply a play on words, misdirection, an omitted detail, or some have considered it an outright deception.

Will chlorine generated from salt keep pools clean and clear? Sure it will. It will do the same job as any other form of chlorine. It kills algae, kills bacteria, burns eyes, dries skin, and bleaches bathing suits and cause cancer.

We have a really great article that goes into further detail about these systems and I highly recommend you read it or pass it on as we all know someone with a pool.  Click Here

Since 1983 we have had a pool purification system on our own pool that helps reduce your chemicals by up to 80%.  It uses ionization with copper and silver electrodes.

It’s an absolutely amazing system!  I have swam in this water all my life being able to open my eyes, not have any smells of chemicals and no red eyes!  So, when I go to a pool with chlorine, I really notice it!

The system I am talking about is called Caribbean Clear!

The Caribbean Clear Pool Water Treatment Systems offers an easy, safe and effective alternative to sanitize and control even the most difficult algae in your pool, often better than chlorine.


  • Labor and chemical savings
  • Reduce eye irritation
  • Eliminates allergic reactions to chemicals in pools and spas
  • Crystal water clarity
  • Maximized chemical efficiency
  • Used by U.S. Navy, hotels, YMCA’s and Universities
  • 30 day Money Back Guar antee
  • Easy, safe, and effective alternative to sanitize your pool
  • 10 year warranty (best in the business)

What’s in your pool that you want to bleach?

Chlorine is bleach… it’s dangerous! What’s in your pool that you want to bleach? Your hair… your swimsuit… your kids? The Caribbean Clear Automatic Pool Purifier prevents red, stinging eyes, stiff hair and bleached swimsuits.

How would you like to use at least
80% less chemicals in your pool

Would you be interested in participating in a HL4Y Purification Study?

Healthy Pool Water TreatmentAt Healthier Living 4 You we are offering a new swimming pool purification study to better understand the impact of the science behind Caribbean Clear copper/silver ionization system as an alternative for chemical treatments.

If you want would like to participate in this, please email your phone number to John at or give us a call 1-866-745-5743.
Who Can Participate?

Pool Owners – Who are using pool water treatment (s) such as conventional chemical treatment  (chlorine, bromine, salt systems) and they are now open to use alternative natural sanitizer as their pool water treatment.

This is a non-compensated study, but every participant will receive a 30% discounted price on the Caribbean Clear Water Automatic Purifier System.

This is a Limited number of applicants, please reply today if you are interested!

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