Alkaline Body and Cancer- Can Alkaline Diet Treat Cancer

Alkaline Body and Cancer- Can Alkaline Diet Treat Cancer Many a times doctors fail to address the correlation between food and cancer prevention and treatment. Remember your diet can not only cause cancer, but it could also prevent or cure you from cancer. Meat, dairy, refined sugar, and processed foods are all known to increase

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The Dangers Of Heavily Chlorinated Pools

Keep Your Family Safe With Caribbean Clear’s Space-Age Approach To Healthy Water Chlorine is a common pool cleaning material because it can quickly kill off the scary things growing in your pool and it deters new growth of algae, bacteria, and germs. That sounds great until you realize that it’s also applying that germ-killing power

The Great Healthier Living 4 You Detox and Alkalizing Giveaway

Please help share this page! (1 Bonus Contest Entry) Our Greatest Detoxing and Alkalizing Contest Giveaway Yet! [one_third] Prize #1 Ultimate Detox 3 – in 1 FIT Premium Detox Foot Bath System – Retail Value $2697 WINNER: Sue Malley Congratulations! You receive our flagship product, the 3 in 1 FIT Premium Detox System to help

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The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body

The Ultimate Ginger-Lemon Mixture To Detox Your Body Money cannot buy everything. You cannot buy health; it needs to be earned through healthy living and a healthy outside begins with a healthy inside. The human body has an endless number of toxins and therefore we need to cleanse it or in better words, we need

How to Make Detoxing and Going Alkaline Part of Your Healthy New Life

When our bodies are out of balance, we harbor disease and hold on to the toxins and other harmful elements that make us feel unwell. The foods we eat and even the water we drink can either fight these illnesses or contribute into making us continually sicker. We all know that eating right is an

7 Things You Can Do During a 30-Minute Detox

7 Things You Can Do During a 30-Minute Detox Foot Bath The world is hurtling at an unprecedented rate, and it seems like we never have enough time to take a breath and give ourselves a moment to relax. That leads to anxiety and stress that hinder our body’s natural ability to remove the toxins

Eat Your Breakfast The Healthy Way

What is your favourite breakfast meal? Is it healthy? Did you know that there are healthy breakfast meals which can actually help you detox your body? Often times, the word “detox”, tends to make people freak out and bring to mind scary-intense cleansing diet that will make them runaway.   From now on, let us break

Spend Holiday In A Healthy Way

Are you excited for the holidays? This is the season that most of us are waiting for. It is the time of the year where families, relatives and friends gather to catch up and share delicious foods on table. Have you thought of what food to prepare for your holiday reunion? Make this holiday season

Refreshing Way To Lose Weight – Citrus Aloe Detox Water

Refreshing Way To Lose Weight – Citrus Aloe Detox Water What would you say if we tell you that a complicated diet or the newest cardio science isn’t the most powerful way to lose weight but water? Yes, you have read it right. Water can rev your metabolism, help you lose extra pounds and maintain


Breakfast Before Morning Exercise: Good or Bad?

Do you exercise in the morning? Do you eat before exercising or jogging? Is it best to eat before exercising in the morning? These are some great questions, that many have and those are the questions we will  be answering in this article. If you exercise in the morning, you probably want to know if


Why Your Colon Needs to be Healthy

Your colon is like the waste management station of your body. Major organs’ detoxification and all of your cells and tissues in your body needs assistance from a well-functioning colon so they can do their part in cleansing your body. Your colon receives the waste products which are left over from digestion of the food

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Detoxify Or Die – Do You Agree Or Disagree? Detoxify or Die!  That’s what Sherry Rogers named one of her top selling books.  The title might be strong, but she has hit the nail right on the head with that title back in 2002.  People are still needing to be educated that detoxification needs to

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