Of the thousands of customers, I have connected with using our system over the years, there  are two main types of Hyperbath users. Personal users, and those that offer Hyperbath as a  service in their business. Both are sometimes faced with a shortage of cash flow and this type of investment isn’t necessarily readily available in everyone’s budget. 

You’ve done the research; you’ve made the decision and want to start improving your health  OR offer this as a service. The problem for many is that cash flow is tighter now than ever before so how do you get from point A to B? 

Our 2 WAYS 2 PAY lets you get started now and manage payment over time. Often for many of us, payment is much more affordable than an outright purchase. Depending on whether you are purchasing as an individual or business user, we have 2 different plans tailored to address either. 

PERSONAL PLAN – Buy now, pay later without the fees. 

  • No Impact Credit – checking on what a payment would look like is quick and easy—and it won’t ding your credit. Once you see how you qualify you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead. No obligation whatsoever. 
  • Get Set Up in Minutes – right through our shopping cart, our personal plan can be used on any purchase over $300 so the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your purchase.  No Fees – Ever That’s why over 1 million shoppers are our provider. 
  • Make no payments for 30 days, get up to 6 months of no interest and you can make monthly payments over a period of 3, 6, 12, or 24 months oac. 

LEASE PLAN – Allows you to save your cash and pay as you earn! 

Your cash and lines of credit are for you to grow your business and operate your business, not for purchasing equipment when there are often more advantages to leasing. Leasing lets you keep your cash and to leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets, instead of dealing with budget limitations.  

  • Pay as you earn instead! Let the new revenue you make from using the new equipment to cover your payment instead of you paying the entire purchase price and taxes upfront.  You can finance new equipment up to 100% of the equipment cost! Unlike most bank financing facilities, you do not need a down payment on the equipment. You can even consider adding other needed equipment, supplies, and even educational costs to your lease. Our leasing specialist can outline the best approach for your business.
  • No paying taxes like GST and PST in full upfront. Taxes are paid based on equipment and within the monthly payment. Leasing allows you to conserve cash, and to leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets, overcoming what otherwise may be budget limitations.  

Now that you have a little better understanding of our 2 Ways 2 Pay, I want to talk about a  common related question I get. 

Is it better to go to a service provider for treatments or to invest in my own system?  

The cost per treatment is by far more effective in the long run than having your own system. This is something you are incorporating into your lifestyle and hopefully everyone in your family. At the average cost of $50 per session in a  business, you are by far better looking at your own with  the cost of a treatment at home averaging $1.50 – $3.00  per session (depending on the quality of supplies you  average in running your sessions) 

For those that have been using our Hyperbath System long term, it often becomes a part of their own and even the entire family’s self-care routine. I know most of my regular users for doing a seasonal cleanse average 30-40 sessions a year and as a family, it makes even more sense with the cost of treatments at home being a much better value and less hassle too that having to go somewhere to do it.  

When you begin your sessions and it’s nice to be at home, and in your own space when you are done. It’s not uncommon to feel super relaxed, have less pain or even a have good trip to the washroom as your body’s ability to detoxify is boosted. It’s also a great way to end the day before heading to sleep and sure makes some feel like they just want to go to bed, some users are pretty tired after the first few baths! 

Our Accredited Partners are familiar with these new user experiences and will share this as  common things to know when starting. They share many positive experiences with their  clients and it’s a great compliment to other services you may be using with them. 

If you have questions about the best payment option for you – personal or business – reach out  I am always more than happy to hear more about your vision for personal or business health. 

Where there is a will, there is a way as they say. I am proud to be able to bring these options to you and allow you to focus on our Hyperbath to improve your health sooner. 

John Jacobs
Healthier Living 4 You Wellesley, ON
Call Toll Free: 866-745-5743

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