Are you ready to let go of old emotional baggage?

Did you know that the HyperBath Pro – Our Cellular Energy Rebalancing System is a great way to experience emotional release from troubling emotions? Is it time for an Emotional Detox?

Emotions can get stuck in our body and mind in various ways. Emotions are constantly being generated, subconsciously or consciously, in response to the activation of memories and thoughts.  The ionic micro currents generated by the HyperBath Pro are a reliable stimulus to release the patterns associated with highly emotional experiences and the resulting stored emotions.

Research supports the mind-body connection, or the belief that a person’s mental and emotional health impacts the state of their physical health. Emotions that aren’t dealt with don’t just go away. They can affect the way you think about yourself, how you react to stress, your physical well-being, and your relationships with others.

There are several ways to release trapped emotions. Acknowledging your feelings and connecting with them can help you understand where they came from and finally let them go. Other practices that help you work through trauma may also help, such as meditation, movement, and energy therapies.

How does the HyperBath Pro help?   The human body generates an electromagnetic field due to the movement of charged particles such as electrons in the nervous system.  The strength of the field depends on the amount of charge in the body and the speed at which the charges are moving. The human electromagnetic field is also called the lightbody and interpenetrates the human physical body.

The HyperBath Pro system generates ionic micro currents that stimulate the body to unwind and open, increasing the flow of energy throughout the lightbody and chakra system.  This allows for the release of trapped emotions making you feel lighter, more joyful, and unburdened.

The aura is a field of radiant luminescence, or lightbody, that surrounds living creatures. It can be described as an electromagnetic field that displays signs of one’s thoughts, emotions, and well-being. 

Chakra therapy is a holistic approach that aims to restore balance and harmony to the chakras, facilitating emotional and physical healing. By identifying and releasing blockages in the chakras, individuals can release trauma and restore energy flow, allowing for a sense of peace and well-being.

The HyperBath Pro can be very helpful for clearing both the chakras and the layers of the aura.  We encourage you to try it out for yourself and experience a lighter, more joyful mental and emotional state of being. It is time for an Emotional Detox Session!

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