Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthier

Keeping your hair healthier, shiny and clean is one of the most common problems guys run into yet don’t want to talk about.  Did you know that 25% of men start balding by the age of 30?

While according to the MayoClinic, much of baldness is linked to hereditary reasons, other factors include physical and emotional shock, and wearing certain hair styles have also been shown to also contribute to baldness.  A commonly believed myth is that over washing or shampooing one’s hair causes baldness, but this has found to be false.

So what’s the deal?  How can men have great looking hair like many women do?  The information is plentiful for women and covered in health magazines and blogs, but for men, resources are not so commonly available.

To help offset this imbalance of information, here are 5 tips for men on how to keep your hair looking healthier and stronger.

1) Eat Healthier

Whether you knew this before or not, your nutrition does affect your hair (as well as your physique).  Besides the health benefits of eating healthy, eating the right foods keeps your hair healthy.

What should you eat?  Foods such as Salmon, whole grains and dark green vegetables are highly recommended by WebMD.  Supplement this with daily multi-vitamins and fish oil tablets that provide Omega 3 fatty acids and you provide your hair with the necessary nutrients to help it grow and stay strong.

2) Drying your Hair with a Towel

Help keep your hair healthier. If you have longer hair, use a towel to wrap your hair and let the fabric absorb the moisture for a bit.  In the interim, you can get your clothes ready, apply cologne, shave, check emails, and even get dressed.  Embracing this tip commonly used by females will help protect your hair against split ends while efficiently getting ready in the morning.

3) Get a Humidifier

This is especially useful if you live in cold weather.  If you live in New York or another place where it gets very cold during the winter, turning your apartment heater on will likely dry out your hair.  To offset this, grab a humidifier for your bedroom and turn it on at night.  This will help counter the heater which will dry out the air.

4) Don’t Over Shampoo.

I attended a college that was located adjacent to the beach.  While the weather was fairly cool most days, certain days became overly hot and humid.  This led to excessive showering and shampooing, sometimes up to 2 or 3 times a day.  That said, don’t over shampoo.

While the verdict is still out on this on the optimal amount of times to shampoo your hair, did you know back in the 1950s, most women did not shampoo at home and only had their hair styled and washed once a week while when they were at their hairstylist?  It makes you think how many times shampooing is truly necessary to keep your hair full and strong, or if our daily hygiene habits have been a result of great marketing plans.

5) Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! According to WebMD, dehydration can lead to your skin looking more dry and wrinkled.  Once you do drink an adequate amount of water though, this helps your kidney better function and excrete excess fluids.

Now a fact you may have not known is that water is the main source of energy for hair cells and because hair is one quarter water, it’s easy to see how more water can benefit your hair and prevent hair from thinning and forming dandruff.

6) Be Consistent

Yes we said five tips, but here’s an extra one.  Everybody’s body is different.  While your best friend may love a certain shampoo, it may not work as well for your hair style.  Find the hair products that best react to your hair and don’t be afraid to switch if you don’t feel your hair is as healthy as it could be.

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Chris V. works at and enjoys traveling, running, and good pizza.  He only shampoos his hair once every three days.  For any needs with hair products or Indian Remy Hair, visit today!

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