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We all love to swim in a swimming pool and we all envy the pool owner if we don’t own one ourselves!

But  what most people don’t know is the work that goes on in the background and the chemicals often used to keep that sparkly, clear water.

Healthy Choices in Swimming Pool Water TreatmentAs a pool owner you have a few choices with swimming pool water treatment:

  • Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Salt Water Systems (Chlorine)
  • Copper/Silver Ionization or pool ionizer

All of these are ways that current pool owners keep their pools from going green!

I personally do not like the chlorine, I can’t handle it!  I get itchy and sometimes even a rash depending on  the pool and how much chlorine is in it.  If you do a little research on chlorine, you will quickly see that it can be very hazardous to your health.

Being a pool owner, we have tried many different methods and have used chlorine in the past as well, but when you open that bucket a little too close to your face and breathe in, you will get an idea how incredibly bad this is for you.

If someone has too much chlorine exposure, they can have symptoms such as:

  •     Airway irritation
  •     Wheezing
  •     Difficulty breathing
  •     Sore throat
  •     Cough
  •     Chest tightness
  •     Eye irritation
  •     Skin irritation

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that this chemical just isn’t good for our bodies.  That’s why we decided to find a better way to take care of our pool and our swimmers!

After a lot of research and trial and error, we found that swimming pool ionization systems are by far the best.

The Caribbean Clear Pool System is our brand of choice, and we have been using this family of healthy swimming pool water treatment products since the early 80’s.

And, believe it or not, we are still using the same control panel!

Healthy Choices in Swimming Pool Water TreatmentCaribbean Clear’s pool ionization uses NASA developed ionization technology for water treatment and uses copper and silver ions to kill algae and bacteria.

This system provides proper filtration, water chemistry, and a trace of halogen to ensure water quality and clarity, and eliminates the need for high levels of harsh chemicals.

The Caribbean Clear system also includes a computer control module that regulates the amount of electrical current that is transferred to the electrodes.

The custom copper/silver alloy electrodes slowly wear away as copper and silver ions are released into the pool water. Over time these Caribbean Clear electrodes will need to be checked, periodically cleaned, and finally replaced.

Caribbean Clear swimming pool water treatment and purification can help you reduce your chemical usage as much as 80%.  No more itchy skin, red eyes, bleached bathing suits, green hair or rashes from harsh chemicals!

Caribbean Clear Simplified Instructions

Now you can have the best of both worlds, chlorine-free swimming in crystal clear water plus very easy pool maintenance.  Just follow the simple instructions below:

1.    Maintain the pH between 7.2 and 7.4
Proper pH is important if you want a sparkling clear pool.  Test your pH twice a week and use an acid demand test kit to determine the correct amount of acid to add.

2.    Maintain Copper between 0.15 and 0.20 ppm (3 to 4 drops)
Use your test kit to measure the copper level once each week.  Adjust the control setting is necessary.

3.    Add Oxidizer Every Week
Add two pounds of oxidizer (potassium monopersulfate) every 5 to 7 days.


Add two quarts of household bleach as an oxidizer. Add the bleach after sundown and pour it into the skimmer.  The chlorine will be gone by mid-morning.

If your water is not clear and sparkling, or if you have a large pool, you can double or triple the amount of oxidizer.

Healthy Choices in Swimming Pool Water Treatment4.    Maintain Alkalinity between 80 and 100 ppm
Check you total alkalinity once a month and keep it between 80 and 100 ppm.

5.    Take the time to read your owner’s manual.
If you have misplaced the manual that came with your unit, call and we will send you another one.

6.    How to solve Special Pool Problems
Give us a call if you have a problem with your pool and we will help correct your issue. 1-866-745-5743

The Most Cost Effective Spa & Pool Water Filtration System That Uses NASA Technology!

The use of ionization for water purification was pioneered in the 60s by NASA. Caribbean Clear incorporated this technology and developed an ionization product for introducing both copper and silver to swimming pool water. Copper is a well known algaecide and Silver has unique anti-microbial properties.

Water is more appealing without the typical 1-3 ppm chlorine residual or the weekly chlorine shock. At a barely detectable level of 0.4 ppm chlorine (1 quart of liquid bleach in a typical 30,000 gallon pool) the water will be more enjoyable, and, with less skin and eye irritation, the swimmers can enjoy the pool longer.

Not to Mention…Lower Costs:

* No more weekly shock treatments
* Less chlorine
* Less maintenance
* Liners and pool equipment will last longer
* Ultimately, lower costs

Unlike other common water treatment methods, Caribbean Clear is not affected by sunlight, heat, or time. During peak days of intense sun and heat or throughout the winter while the pool is closed , Caribbean Clear will remain in the water. Only as algae, micro-organisms, or other organic debris are introduced into the water will Caribbean Clear be consumed.

Learn more about the Caribbean Clear pool filtration system now!

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