How’s your summer detox? Is it getting any better than you’ve planned? We hope it is!

When things are in season, they are great – just like food! They taste better when it is their season. Below are five summer foods which really taste great and beneficial for your health and waistline trimdown.

They are high in water and fiber content. Cherries also have anti-inflammatory effects that assist in weight loss. To add up, they have anti-oxidants which are linked to improved sleep.

They are known to be best at late summer months. Tomatoes contain lots of water which can help you keep hydrated during summer season. They are also high in  potassium which is helpful in balancing a diet higher in sodium. And just to highlight, potassium can help you beat the feeling of being bloated.

Jalapeño Peppers
This spicy veggie will add some heat to your summer foods—and help you eat less in the process.  Jalapeno peppers contain capsaicin, which studies have linked to weight loss. Adding some heat to foods may also help you lose pounds. To top it off, you’ll also be reaching for your water glass more often when you consume jalapeños—and filling up with fluid will help to flush excess water weight from your body.

Raspberries pack a powerful weight-loss combination of fiber and water. They  are so ripe, readily available, and delicious during. Plus, they’re extremely affordable.

Iced Green Tea
Iced-green tea is found to be helpful in weight loss. Research shows that the catechins in this drink have weight-loss benefits. The caffeine and antioxidants may also help boost your metabolism.

There it is! Enjoy your summer detox with those five great summer foods!Make the most of your summer before the season changes.

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