Deanna-CraigOn this day 3 years ago, my prays were answered and my dreams came true! I married my soul-mate, my best friend, my partner in life and couldn’t be any happier! Deanna you complete my life and continually make me a better man! Thanks for everything you do in life for me and our two boys! You really are a true inspiration to me and everyone else out there. There is much more to be said in person and in your card! Just know that I love you and am so happy I didn’t let you get away! Happy Anniversary Deanna!

3 years ago my father, John reached out to our Healthier Living 4 You community.  He asked for quotes, tips and advice on marriage and life and that is what he got!  There is so much wisdom below that we have used to keep a happy marriage.  I thank everyone for sending these in.

I encourage everyone to read them all as there is lots of advice below on Marriage and Life!


Hi John,

Congratulations, on all your good news.

I often tell both my kids, who are no where near getting married. In all relationships whether it is a good friend, business partnership or marriage. Always listen to what the other person is saying fully. Listening and hearing the other person fully does not mean you are being obedient.

Stay objective, leave ego out of your communication and be prepare to compromise.

Be there fully

Wishing all the best for your son his wife and their new baby boy.

Loving Kindness

Joan Peterkin


Congrats John
Marriage, lot of couple just don’t work hard at their relations when rough times approach.

Work like you don’t need the money
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Dance like nobody’s watching
You’ll get through live just fine


Don Legault


Congratulations Craig and Deanna!

Many years ago I was given advice from a very special Uncle who stated to always remember the little things. That is what keeps the love and appreciation for each other alive.

When I was married we presented my Uncle and Aunt with one of my wedding boquets and stated that I had always remembered that advice (even though I was only a teenager when he gave it to me). My husband and I vowed to follow this advise and we have. We have now been married for 8 wonderful years and we still remember the little things. We look forward to giving them and receiving them.

Some examples are just simply making a coffee or tea without the other asking and bringing it to them as they are slowly waking up or relaxing by the TV. Or just simply writing a little love note and placing it in their work bag for them to see later. The possibilities are endless.

I wish you all the best

Ronda Wiesner


Marriage Advice

The only advice that I can give is as follows:  Marriage is a long term commitment.  It is not only while you “feel the love” or are “in love”.  It takes work and dedication if you want it to last forever.  Even when you don’t feel anything…remember that your partner is a human being.  We all make mistakes.  Try to find something that you can compliment the other on everyday.  Make them feel special.  Don’t make them look to others to be validated. Be the one to validate them!  Leave a note for them, call them and tell them you just wanted to hear their voice, pick a dandelion or buy a rose.  Even when you feel that you can’t financially afford to buy them something….do something that doesn’t cost money like go for a walk, hold their hand.  Make a special dinner.  Make them the center of your attention for a time even when life is busy!  Encourage and just be there for your spouse.  Remember life is not always easy, but it’s a lot better going through it with someone you can count on to have your back!
Carolyn Allen


Dear Deanna & Craig,

“A grateful heart knows many joys.”

This is one of my favourites because it applies to so many experiences in life.  If we could always be grateful for all that life offers–not taking anything for granted, being appreciative of the positives and learn from the negatives–then our lives would be full and joy would reign.  What more could we ask than that?
Wishing you joy with your baby, your married life together and all the best in the world through a grateful heart.


Hi – This has to be one of the sweetest e-mails I have ever received.  The only advice I have is — be kind – be kind – be kind.
Judith O


Dear Craig and Deanna
This is just a small note to congratulate you on the new adventure you are about to take. I wish you both all the best and happiness for your future. May you have a long happy wonderful life together.  All the best.
From all the staff at Hair 101 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


To Craig and Deanna:

Only good things come to good people. And this once in a lifetime event is one of those good things. Some may have already come into your lives, like your beautiful son, Carson and some are yet to come like fulfilling the lifelong vows you will exchange on that special day — your wedding.

Well wishes from the Philippines,



Congratulations Craig and Deanna,

As you know, it is love that makes life worth living. We are so happy for you. Together, you will inspire, encourage, and challenge each other to be the very best that you can be as you evolve in love. May your love grow throughout the years until the love you have for one another becomes so pure and holy that it is unconditional, expecting nothing and accepting everything. May you always see the beauty and goodness in each other, and may you know the joy and peace that comes with a marriage founded and based on love.

Love always,
Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave


To Craig & Deanna on your wedding day,

Wishing you much love and happiness!
Enjoy this special day!

Keep your marriage perky by doing unexpected little things – a little note in the lunch box,  a surprise romantic dinner,  a day away for no reason.  The possibilities are endless.

With love & blessings,

Margie Warren


Everyone searches for one special person they can share their lives with; the other half who makes them whole, like two note blending together to make a beautiful song, or the colours that compliment each other to form a rainbow. It is every one’s wish to have a lifetime of sunny days, a rainbow after every storm; a lifetime of loving and living and growing and giving, of sharing and caring; a lifetime of days together, learning from the bad times and cherishing the good times. Marriage is everything your heart desires, and the strength, courage and determination to work for it. In marriage you take care of each other’s heart and hold on to what you share. You hold it gently, so it doesn’t smother, and firmly, so it doesn’t slip away. Hold it so that it can grow, and you can grow together, and live and laugh and love together always.

May your marriage be blessed with a lifetime of HAPPINESS!!!
Thelma Fraser


Don’t go to bed angry at each other.

Liz Mergl


Dear Craig and Deanna,

Divine love is rare, so once you found it, embrace it and soar through the sky with it!

Love you,



Congradulations Craig and  Deanna, Your Father sounds so proud and Happy for you! Craig thankyou for all the times you patiently answered  all our Questions about HL4Y. May God bless your lives together with happiness and prosperity.

Gord and Kathy Neufeld.



We have a simple quote from many generations:

“Never go to bed angry”

All the best

Kim and Bonnie
Divrs Virtues


Congratulations to Craig and Deanna and the happy parents John and Bev !!!






Carol and Branko Vrbanek


To Craig and Deanna,
Life has many twists and turns but when you have true love and respect for each other you can conquer it all. May you be blessed and enjoy a life filled with joy and success.

Lynn Brown


CHEERS…. to Craig and Deanna!!!!!
All the best to the both of you and may you live a life time full of joy and happiness!!!!
Marianne from Carissima’s


Craig & Deanna,

Your marriage celebrates a New Beginning
The vows you took will be forever
What God has joined together let no man separate
All my happiness and love goes out to the both of you
May God be the center of your lives
Let The New Beginning, BEGIN !

Barbara McDade


all the best……..
this is my 2 cents worth
Marcus Schwartz


Decide to be happy today.  To live with what is yours. Your
family, your business, your job, your luck.  If you can’t have
what  you like, maybe you can like what you have.

Just for today, be kind, cheerful, agreeable, responsive, caring    and understanding.  Be your best, dress your best, talk softly, look for the bright side of things.

Praise people for what they do and don’t criticize them for what they cannot do.  If someone does something stupid, forgive and foreget.  After all, it’s just for one day.  Who knows, it might turn out to be a nice day.

Don Legault


To Craig and Deanna,

I would like to tell you just a few words about « The Power of Commitment » that is also « The Power of LOVE ». I hope for both of you Freedom, Hapiness, Liberty, Wisdom.


Jacques Martel


One of the best pieces of advice I got about having a wedding is to enjoy the day don’t worry about the small things that may go wrong you’ll be the only one who will notice.
Remember marriage is a privilege and along with privileges comes responsibility and responsibility comes work.  Marriage is as little or as much fun and excitement as you make it!

Another one I love knowing they have kids is that always remember that you are not only a mother and father, you’re also a wife and husband, take time to be both!

Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.
Hope they take the time to read peoples advice you learn so much from other peoples mistakes, I wish everyone could live by not making everyone else’s mistakes but without mistakes are you really living?

Melissa Clemmensen


When your temper starts to rise, stay silent and don’t say something you will regret.  Talk it over when cooler heads prevail.

Have a wonderful wedding!

Carolann Dallen


Hi John:

Irina and I are so pleased to know that your son and Deanna’s wedding went well with so many of
your friends’ well wishes.

Let me take this opportunity to wish the newly married couple the best health, fortune and happiness
in the world.

Warmest regards to you all.
Irina & Key


What a wonderful thing to do but I am sure no one expects anything except
that the happy couple be happy forever after.   And I can’t imagine a father
who would go to so much trouble, that is love at its finest.


Dear John,

I congratulate you, your family and your new extended family on such a wonderful occasion.
I wish the bride and groom much happiness and bliss for the future in all that they undertake.

Advice: Wake up each day as if it were your first and last, with no regrets. Do what your heart is longing for without hesitation.
You will surely find the inner peace and happiness that is around you as long as you are open to see it.

All of you at “Healthier Living 4 You” have been a wonderful support for me since I became a customer.
As my business changes so will the products that I will be bringing to my customers that you have created.
I am honored to be a distributor and customer of your products.

Many blessings to you all and remember John, try to have fun at the wedding too!

Best regards,

Sheri Webber


Craig and Deanna, you are two very beautiful people who came together and through your love for each other, created a dear little son, you named Carson Craig Jacobs!

Your lives are already full and blessed, but now you have “sealed the deal”!  May your lives together be filled with joy, inspiration, wellness, prosperity, abundance and much LOVE!!

Love each other as you wish to be loved, respect each other as you wish to be respected and….. never go to bed angry, then all will be GOOD!!

With much love on this, your special day,
Sharon Jacobs

Congrats to Craig and Deanna, and remember this:  a marriage is about teamwork, not competition.

Heather Cowley


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