Waking the kids up, getting them ready, dressed and to school whilst you get yourself as close to perfection as possible before your own full on day at work.  We all have the experience of incredibly busy lives that can leave us feeling stressed, anxious and with a banging headache.

I want to share with you 5 top tips to detox your mind.

Start the day with a relaxation technique: Wake up 10 minutes earlier, stay in bed and start the day on the foundation of a peaceful relaxation technique. Imagine yourself on a beach, the sun is streaming across your face, you can hear the sound of the waves and the sand running between your fingers. As you take 10 deep breaths, inhale and feel the peace enter you, filling up your body.

Every time you exhale stress leaves your body. Make this visualisation bigger and stronger, add peaceful sounds to it, see yourself relaxing, ever so calm and enjoy your 10 minute beach time. As you feel that peace, take it with you into the rest of your day. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious bring those peaceful feelings of your time on the beach back into your body and mind.

Schedule in some ‘me’ time:  It is absolutely vital that you schedule in some ‘me’ time during the week – a night out with a partner, a night in on your own, or some time out with friends. At the beginning of every single week schedule in some ‘me’ time when you relax, have fun and leave all your other stresses behind.

During your busy, tough and stressed out moments, just knowing that you have a point in time to look forward to from one week to the next will make it all a bit easier. Your knowledge of your scheduled ‘me’ time will bring peace at the most stressful of moments.

Create a vision for your life: Why do you exist? What is the vision that you have for your life – to be excellent in your job? To have your own business? To be an incredible parent? To master a skill or a hobby? If you have not got a vision for your life create one. Write a list of all the things you need to do to accomplish your vision.

Every single day do a little something to work towards your vision – research online, write an e-mail, work towards a new skill that will help you reach your end goal. So often we can feel that we are getting stressed, busy and anxious for someone else without any real benefit to ourselves. If you have an overall vision for your life that you are working towards, it will bring a sense of peace and calm to your mind knowing that you are working towards your own purpose.

Drink plenty of water:  Since your body is mostly made up of water, you need to keep it hydrated throughout the day in order for it to work properly. The minerals found in water naturally cleanses your body. Drinking tea of coffee throughout the day will change your state, the caffeine found in these drinks will make you tired and will leave you with an ‘on edge’ feeling making an already stressed person, stressed.

Drinking water rejuvenates your body helping you to feel fresh, healthy and alert enabling you to tackle your busy schedule with a healthy body and mind.  Make sure you also drink water before you go to bed – you will find that you sleep better keeping you more alert and awake during the day, it will help you digest food better and lose weigh easier, making you feel more relaxed throughout the day.

Push the boundaries and have fun with your life:  We live on planet earth once, that’s it. If you find yourself stressed, smile. If you are in a stressful conversation with someone you class as a ‘pain in the arse’ push yourself to show grace. Bring fun, energy, life and passion into every situation you encounter.

If you go through your day with a cloud over your head, you will only bring rain into every situation you encounter. If you approach your life with awe, wonder and passion, bringing energy and light into every situation you will soon find that you have the ability to turn situations around as you refuse to allow anyone or anything get in the way of the most incredible life that you have chosen to live!

I absolutely guarantee that if you put 100% into ensuring that you make these 5 top tips to detox your mind a priority in your life, you will literally see your life turn around and you will start to enjoy this incredible adventure called, your life. Go for it, detox your mind and find the most incredible peace.

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Author’s biography.

Mark Bowness is a Life Change Instigator, coach and speaker who is hotly in pursuit of the answer to one question: What are the principles of life change, which if adhered to, would result in dramatic personal, city-wide and world-wide transformation.

Mark Bowness provides free blogs, audio and video resources via his website www.markbowness.com you can also engage with him on Facebook www.facebook.com/markbownesslifechange

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