This is such a great article on Reflection! It is written by Cheryl over at Sacred Journeys. It really is something to consider especially now.

Don’t be afraid of the pain were the wise words my chiropractor David Mills shared with me this week. I have been reflecting on these words for days. I keep coming back to this phrase which has prompted me to write this article.

I have been digging deep within myself and realizing the areas in my life where I am indeed avoiding pain. He and I also talked about how we often need someone to let us know what we don’t see for ourselves. That is exactly what he did for me. The pain in my back was a loud and clear message from my body telling me much more.

Let’s talk about pain. Have you ever noticed how you react when you have pain in your body? Do you notice how you react when you have a painful experience in your life? Do you tense up; does your breathing become shallow or restricted? Does your body tighten up? Probably. And why do we do that? To avoid more pain – when in fact, relaxing, breathing  is exactly what we need to do.

So why did the pain show up in the first place? Well the human body does not lie – it is always giving us signals when we are out of balance, when we are avoiding something or are stuffing something away. Physical symptoms are the body’s way of waving a red flag warning us that we need to take notice.

We avoid pain in many ways… someone else crying stirs up our own pain so we “shhh” them so we feel better. We might avoid dealing with the grief associated with loss, hoping it will simply go away. We might avoid intimate relationships or friendships for fear of being hurt or judged. If we have been hurt in any way we will often avoid repeating the same situation at all costs. So we build shields and masks in an attempt to keep ourselves safe.

But are we really safe when we do this? Where does the fear and pain go? Does it disappear? Not addressing our pain or imbalance is like placing the lid on a boiling pot of water and hoping the steam goes away on its own. It won’t until we take the lid off and allow the steam to escape. And the same applies to us and our stored up “stuff” – it builds and may begin to manifest in physical symptoms (like the steam in the pot) over time.

If we do not take the lid off; in other words address and notice our pain, we may end up with depression, anxiety, and other physical manifestations like asthma, heart attack etc. Pain in the physical body always represents something unhealed within us.

The same night I heard the words from David I put them into practice. As I was trying to lie flat on my back, I began to experience excruciating pain. I heard his words and attempted to breathe through the pain as I tried to settle into bed.

It became almost unbearable but with deep breaths, his words and my words of “I am safe,” I felt the bones begin to shift and everything settled. I was pain free. I let go of being afraid of the pain,I worked through it and voila – it worked.

As I have been doing the past week, I would suggest taking note of any areas of pain or imbalance you are currently experiencing and ask yourself what the root of it might be. Try to breathe deeply, be present to your experience and  address what comes up as soon as you can – so the pressure does not build up inside.

Celebrate the wisdom of your body and its signals. Let it guide you in the direction of wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Allow yourself to slow down a bit over the holiday season and experience more ease.

Wishing you an abundant Christmas season filled with love!

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