The Importance of Alkaline Water

Water is a natural energy source. Since our body consists mostly of water, many of our bodily processes at a cellular level require water. However, we are not sure if the water we drink is pure and helpful to the body. Our sources of water, as a byproduct of industrialization, are undeniably polluted. Thus, we are faced by a dilemma: where do we get healthy drinking water?

To answer this question, hundreds or even thousands of companies sell purified drinking water, water purifiers, and water filtration systems among many others. But do these water machines follow the right process of getting the exact molecular structure which makes water healthy?

Purifying water is not just about transforming impure water to its original h3O state. Purifying water is not just about taking off the impurities that contaminate it.

As Dr. Robert Young – author of the book pH Miracle said, “If someone were to ask me: What is the one thing I can do to have better health? The answer would be very simple, ‘Start drinking alkalized water’.

Alkalized water?  ‘I only hear the word alkaline in batteries and that sounds like toxic to me?’ This is a common reaction for us who fail our chemistry class. But it is true. Water must be alkaline.

Alkaline substances don’t allow bacteria, viruses and germs to live in it and most of the latter are found in acidic substances. This explains, why we need to pick the right food and water we put into our body. Our body is naturally alkaline and will get weak when its acidity level increases. We have to make sure that the water we drink will aid in the formation of alkaline compounds during digestion. Thus, water must be at its alkaline state to prevent microbial particles from living in it. How? We alkalize it.

So how do we make water alkaline-forming? Well, we have to make water an electrolytic. This can only be done of course through electrolysis or more technically known as the ionization of water. Through this process, the molecules of water will be negatively charged and will be ready to be ion-bonded by other chemicals in our body to neutralize the acids.

The more alkaline water and alkaline food we put into our diet, the stronger the body can fight positively charged free radicals that make our body more vulnerable to diseases. Having an alkaline diet is like putting on a heavy metal armor to prevent external destroyers from ruining our health.

So now that you have learned all about alkalinity and its benefits, how can we make water in our tap alkaline? Of course, we can install an alkaline water machine in our plumbing to give us healthy water from our tap. But what if we don’t have the budget and time to do all that considering our on-the-go lifestyle?

Well, the AlkaMate Water Alkalizer Ionizer is most highly recommended alkaline water partner for you! The AlkaMate can make your water alkaline in just 15 minutes. This cup enjoys the great successes of nanotechnology through its coating of tourmaline and other alkaline minerals.

At the bottom and lid of every AlkaMate is a high-technology filter made from Far Infrared Energy stones such as Maifanshi stone, Muyu Jade, Tourmaline, Nano Silver and Kaolin Earth. These energy stones are rich in Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium and Calcium, which raises pH levels and activates water into its alkaline state.

Get the Your Portable Water Alkaline Ionizer now, for a more refreshing and energy-giving water you can bring with you to the gym, outdoor activities or while playing with the kids and simply relaxing at home!

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