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Why you shouldn’t get the flu shot | flu shot side effects

They use it on dead people… zombies… AND YOU

My name is John Jacobs and I going to show you why the government and health officials are treating you like YOU ARE DEAD!

That’s right.

If you get the flu shot… you are officially no different than a dead person.
Not in their eyes anyhow.
Not in what they feel is ok to put in your body.
Embalming fluid.
Heard of it?

It’s what they use to preserve the body from decay after a person passes away.
It’s also a MAJOR ingredient in the standard flu shot you are letting them inject into your blood.

Yup, you have embalming fluid in you, if you get the flu shot.
And if you are reading this, you aren’t a dead person!

So why do the government and health officials think it’s ok to give live people the same poison they give dead people?
Reality is harsh…
…flu shots are created by mixing various flu virus strains (toxic germs) with formaldehyde, MSG, sodium chloride and mercury.

IF you do a bit of research on the actual damage each of those ingredients can do to your body, you would never drink one, OR ALL, in a liquid form for breakfast.
Yet you TRUST the government is watching over you with things like the flu vaccine.

Here’s the kicker, these deadly vaccines are not even adequately tested for effectiveness by government health agencies.
They run surface level tests, but not proper tests for long term effects.

According to Here’s a list of the many possible toxic additives in a flu shot:

•Egg protein – many people are highly allergic to eggs.

•Formaldehyde – The United States Environmental Protection Agency has declared formaldehyde carcinogen. That means it can cause cancer. Need I say more?

•Polysorbate 80 – has been shown to cause infertility in mice. Could this ingredient be causing infertility in humans?

Sodium Chloride – is another great ingredient if you’re interested in developing kidney stones; gastrointestinal problems or hypertension.

•Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – can cause a wide variety of health problems including, migraines, nausea, drowsiness, heart palpitation, hair loss, asthma, and rapidly increasing diabetes.

Is this ingredient really necessary to avoid the flu?!

•Polyoxidonium – a synthetic polymer that can cause cellular inflammation and apoptosis (cell death). Now, thanks to the flu vaccine, we can kill healthy cells without any guarantee of flu protection from these deadly vaccines.

•Squalene – an oil based adjuvant that has never been approved by the United States government. This nasty additive can cause blindness, autoimmune dysfunction and inhibit sperm production.

Here’s something that ISN”T discussed nearly enough about the flu shot and flu season.
Your immune system.
People with strong immune systems RARELY get sick.

When you immune system is strong, your body can fight off flu strains all on its own…
…without the poisonous help of a ‘vaccine’.

You are on this newsletter to learn about heath trends, how to be and stay healthy, and what to do if you are not-so-healthy.
I will say this…
The extreme harm you can do your body is NOT WORTH IT.
Fight the flu naturally.  Flu shot side effects are not something you want.

The best ways to do it are to start eating properly (organic, lots of vegetables, and brightly colored fruits), drink purified alkalized water (our Alkamate is a very inexpensive way to do this easily), get exercise daily, and detoxify your body daily.

Our 3 in 1 FIT product is designed to help you strip out the toxins in your body so your immune system can do what it should be doing… FIGHTING DISEASE AND TOXINS.
Full details on the 3 in 1 are here.

Think about it this way….
…your immune system needs to have more good influences than bad.

IF there are too many toxins running through your system, disease can set in, and your immune system breaks down even more.

The weaker it is — the harder it becomes to fight off viruses, disease, toxins, etc.
And the downward spiral begins.

BUT, if your immune system is nurtured.
If you eat, drink and exercise right.

If you peel away what bad toxins there are in your body and help your system eliminate them…
…your immune system stays strong and is able to fight off all kinds of viruses and bugs.

3 in 1 FIT is the most advanced detoxification system on the market.
It helps you eliminate toxins from your body… or your child’s body.
So that you don’t have to rely on the government for their so-called ‘vaccines’.

Vaccines that are killing your friends, your neighbors, maybe your family.
Rushing these poisons into the market without adequate testing.

It’s scary to think of what is happening right underneath the public’s nose.

But a little bit of research and preventative care can ensure YOU aren’t their next victim.

Do your research and GET STARTED detoxifying your body today!

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