Caribbean Clear Replacement Electrodes With Housing

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Caribbean Clear Copper Silver Electrodes With Housing

Caribbean Clear Replacement Electrodes With Housing:

3″ long electrodes sealed in a 2″ threaded plug that simply screws into any 2″ threaded tee. These are normally in the direct flow of the water and will work on Caribbean Clear units R25 & R-50 The electrodes are comprised of copper and silver, 3″ long, and 1 ½”.

If you have a copper/silver ionization system, like the Caribbean Clear System for your swimming pool or hot tub and are looking for the proper replacement set of electrodes?

These are OEM, not remanufactured.  Be sure not to buy the cheap ones that only use copper, you need the silver too!  Our electrodes last up to 50% longer than most cheap brands and contain silver.  If you have questions give us a call 1-866-745-5743


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