Who will say no to FREE products like Detox Foot Bath Machine?

Nowadays, people are becoming unhealthy due to many aspects of their lifestyle. To add up, some are becoming busier with their schedules which cause them to have no time for exercise. Are you one of those people?

To show some love to our beloved Fans and Followers on our social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, we conducted a Giveaway Promotion. Healthier Living 4 You decided to give $3000 worth of products as giveaway for Labor Day. Yes, you have read it right! It is $3000 worth of products! So to make it possible, we posted the giveaway form on our site and make a buzz on all social media sites to reach more people. Why are we doing this? Of course, just for one reason, and that is because Healthier Living 4 You wants everyone to have a healthy lifestyle and give everyone a chance to pamper their bodies after a busy day of work.

The giveaway promotion lasted for about a month and a half. And last September 6, 2012, the lucky winner was chosen. Who is the lucky one? It is no other than Bonny Sallee! Hooray! She deserves it and Healthier Living 4 You is so happy that Bonny will get to enjoy the benefits of the products.

To Bonny Salllee, CONGRATULATIONS! We hope that Healthier Living 4 You is able to paint a smile not just on your face but also in your heart and body.

Live a healthy life! Start detoxifying now!

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