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Best Nutrition for Cyclists

When you’re an avid cyclist, you don’t need to adhere to the strict eating habits society has implemented upon us. You know, rules like, “avoid carbohydrates” or “limit your caloric intake”. While those rules are good for regular folks, they could damage you. As a cyclist, you need all the energy you can get, and

Exercise Habit

Creating An Exercise Habit

When it comes to exercise and healthier living, most of us want it to come easily and that definitely is not the case. It’s important that when you start this journey to become consistent. Whenever consistency happens for a longer period of time, habits form.  Making exercise a habit will help you in the long


5 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

5 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity September 1, 2011, President Barack Obama declared September as Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Childhood obesity is a national problem.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 17 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 19 years of age are obese.   Since 1980, obesity among children and


Fit or Fitless?

Stretch, run, jump, pull, push, squat; Is this what we call exercise or hard work? Fit or Fitless? My opinion, is that it depends on the individual, and their dedication to getting out of the shape they’re in and into a body or a health they dream of. Everyone dreams or has goals in life

Get Rid Of Pain: Desk Yoga for the Office

It’s not everyday that you get to do Yoga.  What you actually do everyday is this: work, for nine hours or more, cemented firm to your chair, by your desk, transfixed at your computer screen, all day, all week long. What this does is put strain on your spine, your neck, and could cause long-term

5 Fit Foods to Eat Instead of Fat Foods

Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk for developing obesity and disease, according to studies from the Center for Disease Control. However, most people are not eating enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains–or what some would term “fit foods”–each day. Rather, the average diet consists mostly of fast, packaged, convenience foods; which are high in

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