Get Rid Of Pain: Desk Yoga for the Office

Get Rid Of Pain: Desk Yoga for the Office

It’s not everyday that you get to do Yoga.  What you actually do everyday is this: work, for nine hours or more, cemented firm to your chair, by your desk, transfixed at your computer screen, all day, all week long. What this does is put strain on your spine, your neck, and could cause long-term stress injuries.

There are many things you can buy, but don’t go buy a full on reclining massage chair just yet!  You can do desk yoga instead! It relieves stress, increases productivity, and most of all and most importantly, help you feel so much better.

Neck Rolls

Target Area: back of the neck.

First, take off your shoes. Next is you close your eyes and let your chin drop to your chest (don’t drop it too quick!). Then, circle your neck slowly, aiming to get your right ear towards your right shoulder, slowly over your back, and then your left ear over your left shoulder. keep your shoulders relaxed, and remember to not rush through the circling cycle. take 3-5 rolls before switching directions, then take another.

Cat Cow Stretch

Target Area: Back of the neck, spine.

First, put both of your feet down flat on the floor. Next bring your hands flat on both your knees. Inhale; upon inhaling, arch your back slowly and look upwards toward the ceiling. After that, slowly exhale, while simultaneously rounding your spine, while slowly letting your head fall forward. Repeat this for 3-5 breaths.

Seated Forward Bend

Target Area: Arms, Back

First, push your seat back. Way back, so that you will not be able to hit your head on your desk in this move. Again, make sure that your feet are planted flat on the floor. The next step is that you interlace your fingers behind your back, then straightening your arms so that the interlaced fingers are facing down. Fold yourself at the waist, raising your interlocked hands over your back, making sure your arms are straight. Rest your chest on your thighs and release the strain from your neck.

Eagle Arms

Target Area: Arms, shoulders.

Spread your arms out so that they are parallel to the floor. Then bring your arms forward slowly, crossing the right arm over the left and bringing your palms to touch. Lift your elbows all the while keeping your shoulders sliding down your back. Repeat with your left arm over your right.

Seated Spinal Twist

Target Areas: Spine

Firstly, turn so that you are sitting sideways in your chair. Next, make it so that your feet are planted firmly on the floor. Twist your upper body slowly to face or press against the backrest of the chair, holding it firmly with both hands. Turn the chair the other way and repeat, so that your back can stretch both ways.

Wrist Stretch

Target Areas: Arms, wrists, elbows

This moves requires you to be standing; when standing, turn your hands so that your wrists are facing your computer, and your fingers are facing the edge of the desk. Next, very carefully lean into your wrists, and flatten your palms as much as possible.  If you feel pain, back off and return to standing or seated position, or give it another go.

Standing Pigeon

Target Areas: inner thighs, legs

Bring your left knee up and place the left shin onto the desk parallel to the edge of the desk. And then slowly, bend forward over your left leg, bending from the waist. Repeat again but with the other leg.

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Marc W. is the author of several guest posts on health and medicine that can be found all over the web. He also currently works at All Time Medical, a supplier of hospitalmedicalequipment.

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