Visalus 90 Day Health Challenge

Lose Weight – Visalus 90 Day Challenge

Welcome to the 90 Day Body by Vi Challenge

The most popular 90 Day Body Challenge to help you easily lose 5 to 10 pounds in one week!  Join the Visalus 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge and lose weight, gain lean muscle and best of all…do it all of FREE!  Bring 3 people onto the challenge with you and receive your product free!!

  • Life = Creating new experiences, building great relationships & ongoing personal development.
  • Health = Equipping people with the education, products, and support to embody health.
  • Prosperity = Educating people on entrepreneurship, providing a path to time and financial freedom, and giving back.

Click here for more Info or to start your 90 Day Challenge.  Be sure to fill out the form for more info or click on the Grey button “Join the Challenge” to get started!  Or the Green button if you’re up for promoting the Challenge with us!

Visalus 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge

What’s in the Shakes?

Help Promote The Challenge So You Can:

  • Earn a Black BMW
  • Gain Time & Freedom
  • Earn a Part-time, Full-time or Crazy-time RESIDUAL Income

What are your Next Steps?

1. Give Us a call 1-866-745-5743 and we can get you started on the 90 Day Challenge.  When you call, ask us when the next Challenge Party is.  No worries if you are a far distance away we can get you started!

2. Or maybe you are ready to just get started on your 90 Day Health Challenge?  Are you ready to gain lean muscle, lose weight or meet your health goal with the Visalus 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge? Click here and sign up online.  Be sure to click on the grey button “Join the Challenge”

3. If you’re interested in promoting the 90 Day Challenge be sure to get in contact with us as soon as possible and we can help get you started! 1-866-745743.

Help Promote The Challenge So You Can:
Earn a Black BMW
Gain Time & Freedom
Earn a Part-time, Full-time or Crazy-time RESIDUAL Income


Listen to Blake’s Top 10 Reasons to Start a Home Business with Visalus

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