Can Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

Can Exercise Reduce Anxiety?

Are you wondering how exercise can help you reduce anxiety? In this article, I will explain all the points that researchers have found out about the importance of exercise to one’s health and living.

It is an obvious fact that anxiety is caused by many underlying factors. That is why treatment of anxiety seems to be a continuous research. In relation to that, researchers found out that exercise can help an individual reduce anxiety. Yes, you have read it right! Researchers found and reported that patients who exercised regularly were able to reduce about 20 percent of their anxiety symptoms compared to those who did not exercise.

Researchers also added that exercise sessions greater than 30 minutes were better at reducing anxiety level than sessions of less than 30 minutes. Another surprising research found explains that programs with duration of between 3 to 12 weeks appear to be more effective at reducing anxiety compare to those programs with more than 12 weeks sessions.

That is why many physicians, nowadays, prescribe their patients with depression and high anxiety level to have exercise. Doing so, exercise will help the patients to have an improved mood because exercise helps to stimulate various brain chemicals that may help an individual happier and boos their confidence.

To add up, research also shown that regular exercise has the greatest impact on depression and its effectiveness is somewhat comparable to psychotherapy and medication for mild to moderate depression.

There you have it! Now, you can see the big impact of exercising to your mood and body. So, if you really want to be healthy, include exercise to your daily routine. It will not just help your body to become healthy, but instead, it will help you have a better mood and happy living.

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    It is great to know that exercise can have an impact on more than just your physical health; that your mental health can improve with exercise as well. Great post.

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