8 Simple Healthy Eating Tips

8 Simple Healthy Eating Tips

“What should I be eating in order for me to be healthy?” This question is usually asked by people. Actually, the answer is pretty simple but then it is made difficult to figure out because of the various diets out there which confuse everyone.

How about you? Are you confused too and want to know the real answer on how to be healthy?

Being healthy is simple. All you have to keep in mind is that having a plant-based diet is the healthiest choice. This diet includes fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Consumption of healthy fats, such as those olive or canola oil, is significant. And you have to be reminded that eating red meats and saturated fats should be very minimal. Another important thing to bear in mind is that your calorie intake everyday should be at normal a level which is 1200-2000 calories per day.

So to help you achieve that healthy diet, below are simple eight (8) tips you can follow:

1. Do not eliminate carbs on your diet. Instead, eat good carbs like whole grains.

2. Have a fiber-filled diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

3. Do not hesitate to eat healthy fats. The only thing you need to be cautious is your consumption of saturated fats and that has to be minimal.

4.  Eat fish, poultry products, nuts and beans for your protein consumption.

5.  Eat variety of foods and vegetables to help you eliminate toxins from your body.

6.  Do not forget to include sources of calcium in your diet. Milk is not the only source of calcium. Fortified soy milk and baked beans are also a good source of calcium.

7.  Moderate the consumption of alcohol. It may be good for your health if taken minimally but you have to keep in mind that too much of it is never healthy.

8.  Have your daily vitamins. This will help you become healthier.

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