6 Tips for Purchasing Whole Body Vibration Equipment


6 Tips for Purchasing Whole Body Vibration Equipment

6 Tips for Purchasing Whole Body Vibration Equipment

So, you’re thinking about purchasing whole body vibration equipment?  Before doing so, there are several important factors to review when choosing a vibration platform.

  1. A Solid Steel Frame! – Cheap steel, thin tubular steel or plastic will not last.  This frame is something you are working out on all the time, so it is important to have a solid frame.
  2.  Assembly: How long does it take to assemble the machine? How complicated is it? What tools are required? Some machines are in so many pieces that it is very difficult for the end user to try to put this together.
  3. Warranty: How long is the warranty?  What does it cover? Cheaper machines will wear out;however the greater concern is that they will deteriorate first, providing uneven and weaker performance. How will your seller respond to that?
  4. Is the machine you are looking at Oscillating or is it Vertical Vibration?  All the science and medical studies are done on vertical vibration, not an oscillating vibration platform
  5. Motor power and maximum user weight: These are your guidelines to the durability and even performance of the machine over the long term.  Lower maximum weight means weaker bearings. If a machine wears down it may operate at a lower frequency than indicated, and in the case of linear vibrating machines low frequencies can be harmful.
  6. Frequency adjustment: The greater the control, the better. For any exercise, training or rehabilitation program you want to demonstrate progress and this is best facilitated through small steps. It is essential that the machine offers the ability to adjust functions regarding individual goals, objectives and physical condition.

We have found after a lot of research that DKN Technology offers high quality vibrating platform at a very competitive price

  • They currently offer the best value on the market.
  • The platforms come with a lifetime warranty on body and frame and a 2-year warranty on electric and electronic components.
  • Each machine comes with informational and instructional material: training manual, poster, interactive DVD, which makes training easy and hassle-free.
  • DKN platforms have an Integrated Coach with 4 preset integrated programs: Upper Body, Lower Body, Mid-Section and Total Body. It also allows you to create customized protocols with the manual setting.
  • They provide support and training for you and/or staff .
  • With DKN you are dealing with experts who know their products from A to Z.
  • DKN is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and our customer service will respond to any request without delay. Our machines are designed for very easy, simple and fast repair if there ever was a problem.
  • The machines are easy to assemble—no set up is necessary: the machine is ready to use as soon as it is assembled.

Get the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes!

The DKN Vibration Trainer helps accelerate weight loss and achieve a more toned body. The appearance of cellulite is controlled, which leaves you with smoother and tighter skin. Other benefits include improved balance, strength, flexibility and endurance, increased energy levels, better mental focus, and improved sleeping habits.

DKN Vibration Trainers are widely used in homes, physical therapy, rehabilitation, gyms and professional sports. Without having a 30-minute workout and a 30-minute massage, you can achieve the same results in less than 15 minutes while standing still and watching TV!

Similar to a massage or workout, a whole body vibration exercise machine helps improve blood circulation and enhances lymphatic function. When the lymphatic system gets blocked, it fails to eliminate toxins that can cause depression, fatigue, and chronic health problems like joint and muscular pain.

Proper lymphatic drainage prevents the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body’s systems and increases the production of good hormones, including endorphins, serotonin, and collagen, and helps improve flexibility and range of motion. This reduces stress and physical pain while achieving a slimmer and tighter body.

Learn more about the DKN Vibration Trainers now!

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