5 Simple Ways to Exercise Every Day

5 Simple Ways to Exercise Every Day

One important thing you have to bear in mind if you to stay healthy and in shape is to keep your body fit. Being fit will keep you away from lots of health problems related to too much weight. And I am sure that nobody wants to get diseases and have that bulgy stomach, right?

To reduce excess weight, you need to exercise regularly, which means that gym should be in your weekly plan. But, what if you are busy and don’t have time to go to gym? Does it mean you cannot exercise at all? Of course not! You still can perform several exercises that would fit your schedule.

Below are five simple exercises you can do and which surely fit in your busy schedule:

1. Take a Walk:

If you are to go to a friend’s house which is just two blocks away from your home, just take a walk. Or, if you need to go to a grocery store nearby your house, take a walk instead of taking time to get out your car and be comfortable seating on the driver seat. Yes, it is cool inside the car. But, isn’t it better having a fit body than sitting on a driver seat with a bulgy stomach?  Happy walking!

2. Play with your kids

Isn’t fun having time for your kids? Bonding with your children at the park is one cool way of exercising! Aside from enjoying your time with your beloved kids, you are losing those extra fats in your body. Have fun and enjoy the benefit of it.

3. Use the Stairs

If your office is on the third floor of a building, just use the stairs. Using elevators and escalators are only a choice for those who are in a hurry. So if you think you are 20 minutes before the time, just use the stairs. It will only take you 5 minutes but will give you a lifetime benefit. See the importance of the stairs to your body? Enjoy taking steps!

4. Stomach in

It may sound weird but believe me it works. Stomach in is one good way of exercising your abs. Doing it on a regular manner will help your tummy muscles to contract and tighten those abs. This can help you burning that beer belly you have!

5. Housework as Exercise

Housework is good exercise for everyone! Actually it’s the thing by which you can burn out the most calories. Wash those dishes and dirty clothes. Sweep the floor and get those flies out your home. Aside from having a clean home for living, you’re also helping that body to enjoy living a healthy life.

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