3 in 1 FIT PROFIT System for Health Practitioners

Practitioners, Therapists, Distributors

Increase Your Revenues. . .GUARANTEED!
With the 3 in 1 FIT “PROFIT”Detox Ion Machine System

Detox Foot Bath Complete Package



“This Ion Machine system saved my wife’s life so I started a business to spread the word”
Healthier Living 4 You (HL4Y) was established by the Jacobs family in 2004 in the town of Wellesley with the goal to spread throughout Canada but maintain our small town values of trust, integrity and honesty and improve our clients’ quality of life by offering affordable, innovative health products that are proven to be effective, of professional quality, and simple to use. Our philosophy is, “The Greatest Wealth is Health!”

Here’s what you get…
First of all, you get the best footbath system in the world… (Click here for more info)

PLUS you get…
A 10-Step Process That Will Increase Your Revenues By $2,000 to $6,000 Monthly
When Properly Implemented on a Regular Basis

  1. Direct Mail Advertising suggestions that will attract new clients
  2. Outdoor signage suggestions that will attract new clients
  3. Indoor Signage suggestions that will upsell to existing clients
  4. Brochure suggestions that will increase revenues
  5. Intake Form suggestions that will increase revenues
  6. Video Training that will turn your receptionist’s $20/hr salary expense into a $70/hr profit
  7. A template for a formalized Referral Program that will increase your marketing reach for FREE
  8. A template for an Affiliate Program that will massively increase your marketing reach for FREE
  9. A template for a Loyalty Program that will keep clients coming back on a regular basis
  10. Ongoing Support that will consistently keep you on track to higher profits

Increase the value of your business overnight with more satisfied clients

  • Get your existing clients to buy more products
  • Get your existing clients to buy more often
  • Sell more product at higher margins
  • Get more business than your competitors – even with higher prices!
  • Ultimately…Generate a Steady Stream of Qualified Buyers

30-day money back guaranteeAnd a No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

If you do not increase your revenues dramatically in the first month, return your unit with no questions asked! (Shipping not included) and keep the step by step profit system!

To order the 3 in 1 FIT Profit System – Ion Machine call us at 1-866-745-5743 or click the button below.

Invest in the 3 in 1 FIT Premium System

Retail Price:$3497.00 CDN
Your Price:$2697.00 CDN

You Save:$800 CDN (23%)

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