Dehydrating Foods Is Easy And Healthy


Dehydrating Foods Is Easy And Healthy

Dehydrating Foods Is Easy And Healthy

Dehydrating foods is one of the oldest methods of preservation there is, dating back many centuries. In the 15th century fruits and vegetables were dried by being laid in the sun. The very first food dehydrator was developed in France in 1795.

During growing season dehydrating foods became more in demand when an abundance of fruits and vegetables are available. Dehydrating is a wonderful way to preserve surplus foods for future use.  When a low heat dehydrator is used, most of the enzymes and nutrients are retained. Thus making your foods easier for your body to assimilate and digest. No chemicals or additives are required to preserve these foods.

The flavours are enhanced and improved because the natural sugars are concentrated, making sweet, natural snacks.

Dehydrating foods can also be used to preserve fresh herbs, making raw crackers, and natural fruit rolls up. Both these methods require only fresh fruit in the case of the roll ups, and fresh vegetables and flax, oil and braggs in the case of the crackers. Thus assuring you good quality snacks, not loaded with flours, eggs, dairy products, sugars etc.

These foods are super easy to store, have a long shelf life, and can be easily taken along when travelling, hiking, camping etc, or just for those people who are always on the go!

To rehydrate foods, simply soak them in distilled water or freshly squeezed fruit juices. This method works best for such things as blueberries or other berries, and vegetables when adding to soups and other dishes.

I hope you are able to get your hands on a good quality dehydrator so you to can begin dehydrating foods. It’s an awesome way to consume clean healthy foods wherever you are!

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  3. My most favorite dehydrated snack is the dried mangoes, proud delicacy of the Filipinos, I am a mangoholic, I really loved mangoes, its sweet and sour taste, just blends perfectly, with the dehydrated mangoes, the flavor is packed inside, you can really feel the natural taste of native mangoes.

  4. Last week I made zucchini chips in my dehydrator. They turned out awesome. A great way to use all those zucchini.

    I picked them when they were small, cut them as thin as I possibly could and put them in the dehydrator. I will be doing it again tomorrow.

    These crunch like potato chips and taste like zucchini. I am going to experiment with spices the next time.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know dehydrating foods were around for so long. I think I am going to pull out my dehydrator after reading how good it is for me. Thanks for the article

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