How Often Should You Detox Your Body? Is It Important?


How Often Should You Detox Your Body? Is It Important?

How Often Should You Detox Your Body? Is It Important?

Detoxing your body regularly is so important.  Many people go through life dealing with health issues, low energy, problems sleeping at night and over weight issues.  The sad part is they just accept it!  Well, you don’t have to accept this.

Our bodies are built like nothing else on this earth!  When given the proper food, herbs, alkaline water, mind set, and setting we can do more than anything else on this planet.

How Often Should You Detox Your Body? Is It Important?The problem is we have so much choice out there now.  So much food that is not doing anything good for our bodies.  So many drinks that are full of sugar and artificial flavours.  The next problem is how lazy of a society we have become.

We continually make and improve our lives so we don’t have to work physically anymore.  And lastly, the amount of toxicity we breathe, drink, eat, and absorb on a daily basis.

With all of that comes unhealthy eating, poor hydrating habits, toxicity and no exercise!  This is a recipe for disease!

Most people are not taught how to cleanse their body or why they should.  Your body naturally cleanses out toxins from the body, but often times it can not keep up.  So, it is very important for us all to be detoxing at least spring in fall.  However, a lot of experts recommend each season, so 4 times per year.

When a body is full of toxins it usually acidic which is not a good thing, we want our body to be alkaline.  We want this because no disease can live in an alkaline environment, but thrives in an acidic environment!

There are many ways to detox your body.  Certain foods can detox your body, Alkaline Water, Detox Diets, and a detox foot bath are just a few ways to detox your body.

One of my favourite paragraphs is:

How Often Should You Detox Your Body? Is It Important?If you are middle-aged, you’ve taken about 15,000 showers in your life time and brushed your teeth close to 30,000.  You won’t stop these rituals just because you have done them so many times. 

Here’s an interesting question:  If you have to keep cleansing your skin and teeth daily, does it not make equal sense to clean the inside of your body at least periodically?

Words from Dr. Paul Bragg, “The secret to great health can be described in three words:  CLEANSE YOUR BODY! Engrave these three words permanently in your memory.

So, get out there and start detoxing today!  If your not sure where to get started give us a call.  We help people detox and get their bodies alkaline!

Look Younger & Live Longer – Pain-Free!

As humans we are all contaminated with toxins from environmental pollutions such as those found in our food, water, air, and even our clothing, furniture and other household items. These make the body prone to illnesses. Some harmful effects of toxins include fatigue, depression, decreased sex drive, and skin problems like rashes, blotches, wrinkles, and dullness. Find out exactly how toxic your body and environment are with our Heavy Metals Test Kit!

The 3 in 1 FIT System works by breaking down toxic chemicals and helping the body restore energy and vitality. This helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping you looking and feeling young – in spite of having been exposed to environmental toxins!

Our 3 in 1 FIT Premium Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, a non-invasive health solution with no known side effects, comes with a six year warranty. It is three times stronger than any product on the market today, and it provides three powerful therapies including Far Infrared Heat, Ionic Detoxification, and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

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